How does this differ from the FB167B/A, other than the number of batteries it takes?

The keyboard layout looks different, but the images are too small

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    it doesnt other than than the fact that this one uses two AA rather than three AA batteries

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  • This keyboard is exactly the same (as said by the other answer) except for 2 things... Yes it now only needs 2 batteries rather than an odd 3: And the time it lasts on these 2 batteries compared to the 3 battery version is much, much better!

    I was using the 3 battery k/b that came with my Mac Pro and finding the batteries didn't last that long... After buying the new Magic mouse I decided to put the Mac Pro's supplied Mighty Mouse and it's 3 battery k/b back in their original packaging which I keep in the Mac Pro's original box in the attic. That way when/if I ever sell the Mac Pro it will be worth more!

    That extra used-sell value persuaded me to buy the new 2 battery k/b as I'd read it was more efficient than it's predecessor. It is! I bought the new k/b from the Bath Apple Store within 2 minutes of it opening (just to be the first to make a purchase at a brand new store! :-)) on 27th March 2010 and have used it a lot. Today, 2nd May 2010 the battery level still reads 100%!

    Hope this helps, darth.

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