How easy is it to pair this keyboard with multiple devices?

I'd like to be able to use it (at different times) with a MBP, iphone or ipad. I'm wondering if that's easy to do (say by simply toggling bluetooth on and off on each device), or if the keyboard would only let itself be 'paired' with a single device at a time and if I'd have to go through a re-pairing process every time I changed.

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    Whilst the keyboard can be paired with multiple devices (for me an iPhone, MBA and iMac) it is occasionally problematic. You have to remember to switch off bluetooth on (or at least disconnect) the devices you don't want to type on. If you do forget all that happens is that halfway through typing the keyboard stops, or in other cases while starting a device you find you cannot type a password for example.

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  • My set up needs this too. I need to pair the Keyboard (and track pad for that matter) with more than one MBA (in my example me and my wife each have our own macbook Air's ) but "dock" (at different times) with the same Thunderbolt display and keyboard/Trackpad at a desk. This seems a fair use case, leaving the Bluetooth KeyBoard and Trackpad with the display at the docking desk.

    It seem acceptable to turn off the bluetooth of the MAc which is NOT docked, and turn ON the bluetooth as part of the docking procedure.

    To work seamlessly the keyboard/trackpads would need to connect to the next device once the first disconnects. I do not however have this working seamlessly, it seems perhaps on Disconnect they turn off and then fail to rapidly connect with the alternative MBA.

    Does anyone else have this set-up working perfectly?


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  • Yes you can! And it works great.
    I use it with my iMac at work and take it with me to use with my iPad Air while mobile. I have it paired with both devices. I just have toi make sure I don't have the deviced close to each other or I turn off bluetooth in the one I am not using. Usually is the iPad I have to swipe up to access the control center and turn it off.

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  • Hey there! yes, you can use your keyboard with multiple devices, i use mine with 1win pc two MacBook Pro laptops and iPad mini, all i do is turn on bluetooth on device which i need to use. my keyboard then shuts itself off (as well as trackpad or mouse) but when you turn on BT on another device, and press any button on the keyboard it pairs seamlessly in seconds.

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