is there an online manual for the electric keyboard?

The keyboard works fine but I do not know what the function keys are and using them does not tell me. There are a few other keys that I can't identify. An actual manual would be helpful.

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  • Fn key: press it twice for dictation, hold it down and press delete for a Windows-like delete, hold down Fn and press any F key (F1, F2, F3, etc.) and have it really be that key (not the function written above it). The other non-letter/number/symbol keys:
    esc - exits full screen in web apps and desktop apps that don't use Apple's full-screen interface
    F1 (sun w/ little rays) - lowers brightness
    F2 (sun w/ big rays) - increases brightness
    F3 (windows) - Mission Control
    F4 (grid) - Launchpad
    F7 (rewind) - Go to the previous song in iTunes
    F8 (play/pause) - play or pause iTunes
    F9 (forward) - Go to the next song in iTunes
    F10 (speaker not playing anything) - mute/unmute
    F11 (speaker playing quietly) - lowers volume
    F12 (speaker playing loudly) - increases volume
    ⏏ - eject disc
    control - modifier key. involved in some keyboard shortcuts.
    option - modifier key. involved in some keyboard shortcuts and you can hold down option and press any key on the keyboard for another character.
    command - main modifier key. involved in most frequently used keyboard shortcuts, like copy (command-C), paste (command-V), and quit (command-Q)

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