The one delete key moves left, is there a single keystroke way to delete right with this keyboard?

Other larger keyboards have a second delete key that will delete to the right, but I have not yet found a way to do it on this keyboard with a single keystroke.

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    You can use Ctrl+D to delete a single character to the right of the cursor. This is because all Macs use Emacs-style keyboard shortcuts.

    Here's a full list:

    Ctrl+A: Beginning of line (like Home)
    Ctrl+B: Backward one character (like hitting the left arrow)
    Ctrl+D: Forward delete (like the Forward Delete button on Macs)
    Ctrl+E: End of line (like End)
    Ctrl+F: Forward one character (like hitting the right arrow)
    Ctrl+H: Backward delete (like hitting the Delete button on Macs)
    Ctrl+K: Kill/remove text between cursor and the end of the line
    Ctrl+N: Next line (like down arrow)
    Ctrl+P: Previous line (like up arrow)
    Ctrl+U: Remove/delete current line
    Ctrl+V: Page down
    Ctrl+Y: Paste text which has been "killed" by Ctrl+K

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  • Holding down fn and then hitting delete deletes to the right.

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  • fn - backspace will delete right. The fn key, bottom left, has the same functionality as on macbooks.

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  • No. This is the single reason I sadly returned my beautiful wireless keyboard. I'm a writer and need a single "forward delete" button.

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  • If you press fn-delete, you can delete forward, but that requires 2 hands, unfortunately. However, you might have luck installing one of these utilities:



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  • Press Fn key then backspace to forward delete

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  • No!

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  • The keystroke s the Function Key (fn) and the backspace. It's not a single key, but as close as you can get. Works perfectly.

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  • Use the fn key (in the lower left corner of the keyboard) with the backspace/ delete key and it deletes to the right. Not quite a "single keystroke," but still quite easy and useful.

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