Why would I want a keyboard with the ipad?

I don't have my ipad yet, but want to have all the accessories ready when it arrives. The reviews about the keyboard are good, but I don't understand why I
would need one. Don't you just type on the ipad?

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    When I am typing notes in class it is really nice to be able to type without wondering where your fingers are
    and actually I put the keyboard on my lap and have my Ipad on my desk and so its not getting in the way in my class ---- absolute best thing in the world --- and my professors love it to cause your not hiding behind a laptop. They can see your face and they can tell your taking notes and not chatting with friends or playing solitaire

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  • For extended typing sessions and to make use of the iPad's full screen for other purposes, you can make great use of an external keyboard.

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  • Some people find the touch screen keyboard to be awkward. For one thing, there's no tactile feedback - it's easier to type on a keyboard when you can feel the keys. People that plan to do a lot of typing might consider an external keyboard.

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  • I don't have my ipad yet either (3G...). But I expect to be able to type on the wireless keyboard at least twice as fast as on-screen. For times when I expect to have to answer a large number of emails, or work on some writing project, I'll go for speed. This situation is mostly for travel. Throw the keyboard in the suitcase to use in the hotel room, and just carry the ipad during the day. At home or office for extensive text entry needs, I'll just use my tower.

    The wireless keyboard also leaves you with twice the screen real estate for content instead of keyboard.

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  • Ask that of yourself. Do you need to type on a keyboard or do you just prefer the iPad keyboard within?

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  • Although the iPad has its own on-screen, virtual keyboard, you can purchase an additional external keyboard for intense web browsing sessions and working with the iWork apps.

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