keying accents on a spanish keyboard.

What is the most effective way to type a letter with an accent above it on an Apple wireless Spanish Keyboard? Can fuction keys be used too?

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  • You can use this wireless keyboard just as you would a normal one. For example, on an english keyboard, you can type accents as follows...

    "Option + E," release, type vowel to be placed under a normal accent. Example - "Sí, me amigo tiene vienteseis años, y es muy simpático..."

    To create the "Sí" I first typed a capitol "S" as usual. Next, I hit "option + e" to place a "hovering" yellow accent mark above my next vowel. I then hit an "i" and an accent was placed over it, replacing the "i" with a "í."

    You can do this for any vowel - "á é í ó ú" (not with y). If you're looking to add an "ñ" (pronounced "en-yay) you can do the same thing except use "option + n" then type in an "n" to create the "ñ"

    All function keys, such as "fn + delete" to delete in the opposite direction, will work the same on that keyboard. More complex, program specific function keys (like with Final Cut Pro) will not work. If that is needed, I'd suggest looking into a full macbook pro/air/ similar computer, or another mac - compatible keyboard. The non-wireless (wired) version would work with more specific function keys, if needed.

    Good luck!

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