Can it be used to draw things?

I'm assuming that it can also work as a tablet type thing so that you could draw a picture with it or something.

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    Given the look of the product, the pictures showing a hand using it, and descriptions of its functionality being basically the same as what the built-in trackpads on the MacBooks currently do, the answer is probably no. It's really just bringing the gesture functionality (scrolling, swiping, etc.) that the MacBooks have made part of the Mac experience to desktop Macs.

    Using that reasoning, it probably will not work like a tablet in the sense of using a stylus (except a specialize conductive one perhaps), absolute position tracking, pressure-sensitivity, eraser function, etc. However, you could use it to draw things in the same way you can use a MacBook trackpad to draw things: not very well, but some people can do better with patience and practice.

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  • With all due respect, that's a very vague and difficult question to answer, but I'll try. The trackpad itself doesn't come bundled with any software allowing you to write handwritten notes or draw anything, but I'm sure on the Mac App Store there is a drawing pad/paint application which allows you to use a mouse/trackpad to draw something.

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  • In my opinion, no you can't draw with the trackpad.

    I often draw with a mouse and thought drawing would be easier with the trackpad.

    I LOVE the trackpad for navigation and gestures, but so far it has been hopeless for the fine or fluid movements needed for drawing or handwriting. Maybe it is something in my settings, and maybe it is because I spent years learning to draw with a mouse, but so far I have not been able to successfully draw with this device. I mean you can draw an awkward looking stickman, but it just doesn't seem to respond as you would expect.

    This corresponded to advice given to me by my nephew who already had one who also liked the gestures and use, but found a mouse much better for anything that needed precise control.

    I hear a capacitive stylus may help, but with fingers, my opinion is that a mouse (or a graphics tablet which fortunately I had) were infinitely better.

    I am not sure why it doesn't work, I suspect it is something to do with how the software responds to movements, and it is programmed to be clever and anticipate the sort of movements and response needed for navigation, which may be different from the simpler direct and instant mapping needed for drawing.

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