can the track pad attach to a wireless keyboard

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    At the risk of sounding sarcastic and as though I am making a joke: Try Duct Tape.

    The MagicWand is about $30 and if you are not certain about how comfortable the configuration of one solid unit would be and want to try it out but want it more stable than just having them side by side, just use a piece of duct tape to hold them together.

    The reason I suggest this is that having them right next to each other is not necessarily going to turn out to be the most comfortable configuration. So try it with some tape for a while to make sure its for you and if it is, then get the MagicWand to make it more "permanent".

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  • Right now it doesn't out of the box, but there is at least one aftermarket device that allows you to snap them together.

    I can't enter a URL here (it flags it as inappropriate), but the device is called MagicWand and is made by TwelveSouth. Haven't tried it so can't speak for it.

    It would be more fun if they could do it with magnets.

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  • A company called Twelve South has an item called the Magic Wand that joins your wireless keyboard to your trackpad. It looks like a good quality product.

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  • you cannot permanently attach the two.. if you do you will block access to the power button or the battery compartment of both.. you will need to keep the ability to separate them from time to time..

    a rigid connection will also reduce the ability of the "click" function of the track pad.. the buttons on the bottom of the track pad need to compress to function, the bumps on the keyboard are rigid..

    keep these two factors in mind when you contemplate your solution.

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