can track pad be configured to act like a number pad?

i'm a finance guy and really, really appreciate having a number pad on my keyboard. apple has been moving away from number pads and there are no 3rd party ones available (at least none up to apple standards). plus i'd find it very useful to have a trackpad / number pad to use with my macbook when i'm on the road. it must be possible to programme something like this and then supply a simple foil with the relevant keys marked on it?

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    While it may be possible.

    It probably isn't practical:
    -when using an normal 10-key number pad, the user rests their fingers on home row (3,5,6) and uses tactile feedback to quickly enter numbers.
    -even with a number pad foil and software to drive the virtual number pad, the user would have to hover their fingers above the number pad's home row and would have no tactile feedback for each key stroke (assuming the sw was using single tap per keystroke; making the trackpad physically click for each keystroke would be very hard for the user)
    -hunt and peck could work; but, number entry speed would be pretty slow compared to a real 10-key number pad.

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