Does it function exactly as my MacBook Pro Unibody Trackpad? Also Do I need this if I have Magic Mouse for my iMac?

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    This will function the same as the trackpad on your Macbook Pro assuming it meets platform requirements (10.6.4). The difference is that it is a much bigger surface.

    As to whether you "need" it... Bigger question. Do you "need it"? No. But if you are using the gestures functionality of the magic mouse, you will LOVE this. I had been a diehard trackball user for YEARS. My trusty wireless Logitech trackball died a couple of months ago and, really enjoying gestures on both iPad and iPhone, looked for an equivalent kind of functionality I could add to my iMac to replace it. I found the Wacom Bamboo Touch which is very similar to this. Very cool. I love it. I kept an older and simpler trackball connected in case I didn't want to use the pad all the time and have since removed it as I NEVER use the trackball. EVER. Gestures, especially when I am very busy ROCK.

    I will be buying the Magic Trackpad because, while I love the Wacom Bamboo, it has some sensitivity issues (too easy for it to "click" causing unwanted selections). I never have this problem on a Macbook so I hope this will fit my bill... and for $69, it's the same price as a good mouse/trackball/etc from anyone. Regardless of what I use the most (Wacom or Magic Trackpad) I will NEVER go back to a mouse or trackball again.

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  • Yes, it functions exactly like a MacBook Pro's Trackpad, except the surface is larger. You do not need it if you have a Magic Mouse, but some people might like it instead of or in addition to a mouse.

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  • Yes, the Magic Trackpad is exactly the same as your MacBook Pro's multi-touch trackpad. It is based on the same technology found on the MacBook line of computers.

    As a replacement for your Magic Mouse, this would be a matter of personal preference. Yes, you could use the Magic Trackpad as a replacement for your mouse. Because of the additional functionality of a multi-touch trackpad, you may find this to be very convenient. However, a mouse is generally more precise if working on a complex or detailed visual project.

    Also, the Magic Trackpad supports more multi-touch gestures than the Magic Mouse does, so you may find you prefer one over the other.

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  • yes it functions just the same only on a bigger scale and it has a new feature. 3 finger scrolling capability that allows you to move windows. If you have a magic mouse it all depends on you this has a bigger surface for gestures etc, and you can technically do away with the mouse and just use it as a laptop trackpad or like the description says use it with you existing mouse.

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  • Yes, it's like having a wireless version of the trackpad that is built into the current line of MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers. It's great for people who have difficulty using the Magic Mouse or who have limited desk space.

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  • You don't "need" it, but it does have more functionality, such as pinch to zoom, that the Magic Mouse does not have. Yes, it does function exactly as the MacBook Pro Unibody Trackpad, pinch gestures and everything.

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  • The Magic Trackpad sounds like it does everything the MacBook trackpads do and according to the prodcut description, it also has additional functionality. I wouldn't say you necessarily "need" this if you already have a mouse. It's definitely possible you will "want" it. It really depends on your preferences. With a mouse, I find it a little easier to point more precisely. However, I really enjoy the gestures on my own MacBook Pro trackpad. I don't personally plan to own a desktop computer again, but if I somehow acquired any Mac desktop, I would want to get the Magic Trackpad to use with it.

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  • Yes it functions the same. It is the same unit just bigger. As for the other question of "needing" this device. No you do not need anything I would imagine but if you would like to add a better input device than your magic mouse then by all means.

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  • yes it functions the same. You do not need this if you have a magic mouse, but you can use in in conjunction with your mouse.

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  • Yes, it functions just as the trackpad on the MacBook Pro Unibody. The magic mouse will suit your needs fine on a iMac, but the Magic Trackpad has multi-gestures just as on your MacBook Pro.

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  • Yes.

    How much do you like your mouse?

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  • Need, No. Want maybe.

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  • Yes it does. No, you don't need it... it's an optional input method.

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  • Yes, it works just like the trackpad in a unibody Macbook Pro. You don't "need" this for any particular reason - many people just really love the multitouch trackpad and this peripheral allows them to add it to their desktop computer.

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  • I've used the Wireless Magic Trackpad for about a month now.

    It doesn't function EXACTLY as the Unibody Trackpad for one simple reason: It's a Bluetooth device. This means that, until Bluetooth is loaded and running, it's unresponsive. Also, until one is logged into an actual account (in cases where the Mac is set up with a password protected account or when multiple accounts are set up) it only functions as a cursor control device (i.e., screen movement only, no 'click/tap' function), since the System Settings (Trackpad Preferences) aren't loaded until then.

    For me, this means that I still need to have a wired mouse and keyboard attached, so that I can use them during startup--i.e., starting up in single-user mode or changing the startup disk on the fly.

    I haven't used either of the other wireless devices yet (Wireless Keyboard or Magic Mouse), but I presume that the same limitations apply to them?

    Despite this drawback/ limitation, I love it once it's up and running!

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  • The trackpad is better than the magic mouse by far. Apple should have bundled this with new iMacs instead of the magic mouse. I used to hate trackpads until getting this one. Apple's trackpad just simply works, exactly as the advertise it to.

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  • Yes. Need is an opinion.

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  • Yes. Gestures are exactly the same... And customizable as well. As far as needing this if you already have the Magic Mouse... Not unless you want it. If you're more comfortable on a trackpad, then get it by all means. If not, stick to the Magic Mouse. The gestures are the same... It's just a different type of product. This is essentially the exact same thing as a MacBook Pro unibody trackpad, it's just a little bigger.

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  • No. It's up to you if you want the ability to manipulate objects on your computer as you do with the trackpad.

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