Does the magic trackpad work better than the magic mouse?

My magic mouse is terrible. Right-clicking is a nightmare, and the battery power is weak. I always need to re-charge the batteries.

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    - works on any surface
    - more gestures that work with os x
    - wider than with mac books
    - longer battery life.

    - more precise
    - easier for most people to use
    - more portable.

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  • No. The problem with the trackpad is that you can't touch it, unless you want the mouse to move. You end up with your hand poised in the air above the trackpad - which as already tilted up - and this is actually much worse ergonomically than a mouse where your hand can rest on the mouse. I love the magic mouse. I keep the trackpad nearby for a few gestures but it's mostly just taking up space.

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  • Well, for me personally, I never unpacked my Magic Mouse after working with my Magic Trackpad for a few hours. However, that's subjective and merely my own opinion. I have read that some people like to use both, depending on what they do on their Mac's.

    Battery life is also not that great with the Trackpad. I purchased the Apple battery charger and believe me, between the wireless keyboard, the Magic Mouse, and the Trackpad, it won't take long until it will pay for itself.

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  • I like the magic mouse but I have to say the track pad in my experience is heads and shoulders above any mouse I have ever used

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  • Yes! I have both. I shelved the mouse awhile back, but the trackpad will stay a long time. It has no moving parts, is easy to clean, fits perfectly on my ergonomic trackpad, and it even relieves my carpal tunnel pain!

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  • Unfortunately my Track pad was a dud right from the first day. I love mac I have a 27" iMac and love it. I think you would be better off going to buy a logitec wireless mouse to save you headaches I run one on my mac and it's flawless, I know that is the last thing I wanted to do but it just works. It's up to you but just make sure to ask the salesman to test your mouse before buying that way you will save your self some money before buying it.

    Hope this helped.


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  • I have not tried the Magic Mouse, but have been using the MBP Pro Retina 15" laptop trackpad for a year and many other mice over the decades since they were invented. I actually find myself using BOTH for what each does best.

    The trackpad allows extremely convenient gestures that no mice can perform (scrolling is so much easier and more flexible with the trackpad). But, I find that my hands need to be perfectly clean and dry or they tend to stick to the trackpad and not glide smoothly. It is during those moments that I instinctively reach for the mouse. (I wipe down my trackpad every night with 91% alcohol to keep the friction as low as possible.) But, in humid environments, or if I'm rushed and stressed, and my fingertips get a little moist, the trackpad can become fairly difficult to use, simply due to the increased friction.

    I also find that dragging and dropping or selecting text passages can often be easier with a mouse (with or without damp fingertips) but not always. It's weird. If I have been on the one device for a while and am getting fatigued in that position, shifting to the other sometimes feels "refreshing" and least until that position causes a little fatigue. In general though, I find the trackpad to be more ergonomic and have read how some folks have been able to cure their carpal tunnel or other RTIs by switching to a trackpad.

    Lastly, I also notice that it's convenient - spacially - to have both available. If my hand is closer to the trackpad, I hot the trackpad. If it's closer to the mouse, I hit the mouse.

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  • It depends whether you are more comfortable with a trackpad or mouse. I like the versatility of a mouse and find the gestures available to the magic mouse to be more than enough for my needs as a graphic designer and someone on the computer for most of the day. For me personally, the mouse is a better option, but the trackpad is pretty neat too and may appeal to others. I have no issues battery life on the Mmouse at this juncture.

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  • Yes, but that answer is subjective. I have used a Mac Laptop as my only computer for so many years that I am used to navigating with the trackpad. When I bought the new iMac last month I got the magic mouse and couldn't stand it. I'm sure it's a good design but I am now afraid of mice!

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  • I have tried just about every pointing device made in the last 30 years. I always favored a mouse, and never liked track pads. However the magic Trackpad is different. It is the only trackpad that feels right. Most, including trackpads built into Apple laptops, feel like ice rinks that allow the cursor to skate by the target. The Magic Trackpad is precise, and easy to use. If you spend an hour with it you will pack your mouse away for the few occasions where it might work better. For everyday use this trackpad is simply a pleasure to use.

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  • I just got the Trackpad and love it. I can rest my fingers on it, unlike what others have reported. It is sensitive, which I like because because a soft touch serves as a click. I have already stored my mouse. I changed preferences to activate the right click and it works perfectly. It is the perfect size for my hand. it takes less effort and is elegant.

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  • Complex answer:

    See all the subjective answers in this session as regarding so many 'personal' opinions all of which are valid but still subjective!


    Buy both and try for a week and return the one that is worser 'on your hands' i.e. unless you try them out, all these opinions are only hearsay. Hope this helps!

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  • I have used both and hate both. Like someone said on here, the problem with these devices is that you CANNOT rest your hands or fingers on it. So if you're like me, you will find your wrist and fingers raised off the device and after a few hours of this, will start to feel strained. The alternative is to moving your hand off the device so you can rest it on the desk.

    I use a Logitec gaming mouse on my main Mac and keep the magic trackpad on my mac mini which i seldomly use.

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  • I have both, and I use both. I also have a Wacom tablet. I use all three for some of the same tasks. I find the use choice rather like a contextual menu that changes when I am trying to accomplish a greater task than the mere click.

    For grand gestures, under my left hand sits the track pad, for some point and clicking, the mouse comes in handy under my right hand.


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  • yes the most important thing to me is the battery life and the trackpad by far is better than the mouse for that reason alone. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I just got the trackpad and I find it to be very well designed. I agree with the above that the magic mouse is more precise and probably works better for a power user. However, I do find the mouse tends to be less ergonomic and strains my right hand a lot when I am on a long mission at my desk (I do use my hands a lot for dexterity tasks so this is a very important factor in my decision making). Thus, for me the trackpad is more versatile and ergonomic.

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  • I like the mouse because I can use it on my leg if I choose while sitting away from the monitor and don't have to worry about it being on a flat surface. I also use the wireless keyboard from my lap. I find both more comfortable than being on a desk. If I feel the need, I can work either from the desk. The track pad works best on a flat surface.

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  • No the magic mouse is better by far as it is easier to right click and has more infrequent battery changing

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  • personally I use both. the magic mouse is a great tool and i would prefer this to the track pad. However, the track pad is also good to have. I use both hands, mouse left hand pad right hand. the pad has a great zoom so i love this feature

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