Has anyone used this to do a presentation?

It would seem perfect for remote screen control of a presentation. I often present in Personal Brain and no remote could possibly work since it is non linear and you have to control a pointer. It forces me to me near the podium or computer. And a mouse will not work if I am standing. This could be fantastic for moving around after I attach a handhold loop to the back. Anyone tried presenting?

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    yes! i used it for a university lecture, it works very well. Depending on how big the theatre/audience is, do not move too far away from the computer. It will work up to about 6m away, but any further and the signal becomes broken more and more until eventually it is out of range.

    it fits snugly into the palm of your left hand allowing for your right hand to make all the gestures. Be sure that you know how to click when it is not on a flat surface. If 'tap to click' is not on, you will need to press on the little semi-spherical rubber protecter at the bottom to click, as this triggers the physical click. I had a bit of a bad experience… but for the presentation it worked very well.

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