How can I use this with a KVM switch controlling a MacPro and two Mac Mini's?

Seems unless this will connect to an external Bluetooth dongle (connected to my KVM switch) then it is forced to work with only one Mac.

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    You may want to look into a system prefs pane/program called Teleport. This allows you to share a mouse and keyboard between multiple Macs connected to the same network. The Magic Trackpad may also work the same way. No KVM switch required and, best of all, Teleport is free!

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  • Depending on your needs,( and if your computers are all connected to the same network) why not try the screen sharing option as part of Snow Leopard.
    System Preferences -> Sharing -> Screen Sharing.
    Switching it on the computers you wish to control and this will enable you to connect and control your computers direct from another computer.
    This would also enable you to use the magic trackpad connected to the controlling computer to be used on the other computers.
    I control my mac mini and my macbook from my imac in this way.
    Then you could dispense with your kvm switch all together.

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  • If your KMV switch supports Bluetooth, the most you could do is try.

    However, similar to a Bluetooth mouse, it is paired with only one computer at a time.

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  • No as it uses bluetooth so you would have to reconnect to it each time

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  • Either that, or wait for Apple to release a wireful version. In other words, none too likely.

    I'm in the same boat: I'd love one of these, but it won't work with my KVM switch. Grrr.

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  • Unless your KVM is Bluetooth enabled, you can't. This device doesn't have a USB cable connection.

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  • The Magic Touch Pad is a Bluetooth device. It is not compatible with a KVM.

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