How does the battery life compare to the magic mouse? I like the feature set better and wish Apple would add many of the gestures to the mouse.

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    As an owner of both the Magic Mouse, and now the Magic Trackpad, I can say that the trackpad is WAY better when it comes to battery life. The reason being: it has the same feature on it as the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, where as it goes to "sleep mode" when not in use. For example, I've had my keyboard and magic mouse the same amount of time, accidentally leaving both on overnight several times, and my keyboard is still at 100% battery life, whereas my mouse is now at 40%. I've had them both for about 2.5 months. I'm absolutely in love with the new Trackpad now because of it's increased amount of capabilities vs the mouse, and it's ability to conserve battery when I accidentally leave it on. The mouse should have been able to do that as well. Anyway, I hope this answers your question.

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  • With heavy use the included batteries have lost 5% charge in three days so I imagine they should last a month. With decent rechargeables like Sanyo Eneloops you could probably expect longer life.

    I'm using BetterTouchTool alpha version to use extra gestures which makes the Trackpad so useful.

    For example:
    I swipe with five fingers down to close a window.
    I swipe with three fingers down to minimize a window.
    Five fingers swipe up to hide all windows (not the same as F11).
    Five finger tap brings up a window switcher.
    I can resize and move windows with a gesture.
    In a browser I can open, switch and close tabs with gestures.
    In iTunes I can change tracks by touching the corners or fast forward into a track with a gesture.

    It's when you start adding your own personal gestures that multitouch makes such a difference.

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