If someone had some kind of overlay or template could it be used as a numerical keypad?

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    This is not the intended functionality of the trackpad--think of it as a larger version of the MacBook/MacBook Pro trackpad. However, it is possible that a third-party program exists which can do this--many exist for certain advanced features, but I don't know about this one.

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  • Contrary to some other comments here, it DOES recognize being tapped in different areas. I've used a third-party driver that enables being able to tap in a specific place on the Magic Trackpad to get a specific shortcut. The numerical keypad is a great idea, but I think an overlay woud interfere with touch recognition. It's a shame Apple didn't just print a numerical keypad right on there.

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  • I'm not sure that it would work that well with any overlay, I bought a bluetooth keypad by Interlink (from Apple Store) which works very well with my MacBook Pro so I dont have to carry about a full size keyboard. It also works as a calculator which can send the calculation results to the cursor, very useful.

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  • Although I have not yet experienced the trackpad, it is my opinion the answer would be no.

    The trackpad tracks the motion of your fingers just as it suggests and is not made to recognize spatial changes without your fingers remaining in constant contact. In other words, if you use the trackpad say to move the cursor over an icon, button, etc, if you lift your finger then put it down on another location of the trackpad, it will not register the distance you moved your finger and adjust the cursor. Instead, the cursor will remain stationary and recognize the new location of your finger on the trackpad as point (0,0) on a graph for continued movement.

    This is similar to how you may use a mouse to move the cursor across a screen. If you run out of room to move your mouse but still need to move further across the screen, you lift your mouse and reset its position for more room but the cursor doesn't register this change. It remains where it is and continues when you put your mouse back down. The trackpad will work just the same using your finger.

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  • i dont think so

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