resizing screen with trackpad

I can't figure out how to resize my screen using the trackpad like I can using the mouse by clicking on the bottom right hand corner and moving the mouse. Anyone know how to do this with the trackpad?

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  • If you meant "Resizing a window by clicking and dragging the lower righthand corner", the answer is the same as dragging and dropping an icon.

    Depending on how your Trackpad prefs are setup:
    -move cursor to the lower righthand corner of the window you wish to resize

    method A (default trackpad settings)
    -use your thumb to click on lower edge of trackpad
    -keep you thumb down
    -use your index finger to drag corner to desired size
    -release your thumb pressure

    method B (tap, dragging, and drag lock enabled)
    -double tap the corner (grabs it for dragging)
    -drag corner to desired size
    -tap once more to release dragging
    (with drag lock disabled, just lift your finger to release dragging)

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