So how will this help me?

I might buy one but I want to know how it will help me!

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  • Some people prefer a trackpad over a mouse, the Magic Trackpad is capable of more gestures than the Magic Mouse. It's all personal preference.

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  • CS, you can use this instead of your mouse.
    I see a few possible benifits:
    This may help people who suffer from repetitive strain injury or occupational overuse syndrome because it can be configured so that you don't have to 'click' down to preform a left click.

    You may also find it helpful if you use a Mac in your living room because it's hard to operate a mouse on the arm of a couch where as the trackpad can be operated without having to physically move it like a mouse.

    The fact that this trackpad does not move may also help with performing swipe gestures which I understand can be difficuilt to preform on the Magic Mouse (since the Magic Mouse moves while you are trying to swipe).

    Also, people who often use a MacBook may appriciate being able to use all the same gestures they know to operate their desktop.

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  • it all depends on what you are intending to use this for really!

    I'm looking at purchasing one of these this weekend to use with my Mac Mini.

    The main reason I've decided to purchase a Magic Trackpad is because I have previously used the trackpads on Macbook Pro's & wanted to get to use some of the cool multi-touch functions on my Mac Mini.

    I originally purchased a Magic Mouse when I purchased my Mac Mini in Dec 09 as it is advertised as having multi-touch functionality, however I found that the amount of functions available are limited in comparison to the Macbook Pro trackpad.

    If you own a Magic Mouse & want more multi-touch functions, you can download a 3rd party app called Magic Prefs. The only downside is that the Magic Mouse does tend to get confused once you overload it with so many combinations of 2 finger, 3 finger, 4 finger gestures & so the only way to go for me is the Magic Trackpad!

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