What is the battery life on this trackpad and the wireless keyboard?

How often will I be re-charging based on moderate non-work use?

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    Using standard alkalines, I get about 3 months of 3-4 hours use per day. However, I recently switched to Apples charger and AA's. They are fairly elegant and attractive for being a simple set of six AA's and a little charger. I seem to be seeing much longer battery life, as my percentage meter in Sytem Preferences is falling much slower than it did with the Alkalines. Apples batteries are, in fact, rebranded Sanyo Eneloops. However, the Apple setup is well priced and a perfect solution as it provides six batteries. Two for the keyboard, two for the trackpad, and two for whichever one dies first. The moment one of them goes dead, you slap it's batteries into the charger and the cycle begins anew.

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  • The previous answer: that the rechargeable batteries from apple work longer, is farcical. Rechargeable AA batteries are not 1.5 volts to START with, they are indeed only 1.2 volts. Mathematically the power range is lower and thus the usable portion of the voltage is also lower. The storage area - if it were larger - would be the only other factor that would contribute to the longevity of the cell. So. Please be advised that if you want a longer lived battery go with a 1.5 volt battery to start with. If you do not mind changing them out more often, saving a bit of moola at the same time, get the rechargeable.

    As to the viability of the bluetooth devises from my own personal use? The keyboards battery life seems to be three to one longer than that of my track pad. My understanding is that the software and firmware makes a big difference as well. I wish it were easier to find battery life information as it pertains to the software support. My track pad is a PITA. I am changing the batteries constantly. I think when I uncover my usb devises from storage they are going back on the iMac. Who cares about a little cord considering the alternative?

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