What the big deal? Why would I use this over a mouse?

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    You would use it because its better than a mouse. Where apple has the rest of the PC market beat is this multi touch support. Imagine scrolling through a screen by simply using two fingers instead of dragging the mouse or switching from one screen to the next by a simple gesture. Whenever i am chatting on skype, i just use the gesture to switch from one convo to the next.

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  • Generally you wouldn't, you would use it along with a mouse. It is a very useful accessory that can aid one with a variety of applications. I use mine for drafting house plans but there many more applications that can utilize the touch pad interface. It is also very nice to browse an manipulate pictures with.

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  • Well, you would use this because if you are using Lion on your Mac then it is a lot easier because you are able to open Launchpad easier, you can swipe through desktops easier so if you do a lot of presentations then it's good because you can easily go from Keynote presentation to your script for the presentation on Pages using four fingers and not even moving the mouse.

    I prefer track pad (What I'm using right now on my 13' MacBook Air) because it is so much easier being a student and doing tons of presentations!

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  • Using a mouse or a track pad depends mostly on what kind of work or leisure activity you do on your Mac. The essential difference is that the mouse needs to be moved to point, where areas the track pad only needs to be touched in the coordinates where you would want the pointer to go within the screen, basically if you want the pointer to go left you move the mouse physically to the left on the other hand to do the same on the track pad just move your finger to the left on the track pad, which is not as natural as a mouse yet it saves space and avoids wrist stress/strain injuries. Again in the end it's your choice.

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