Will I have to relearn gestures with Lion versus Snow Leopard?

I use a mouse with my MacBook 99% of the time, so I'm not a "gesture pro." If I start using the Magic Trackpad with Snow Leopard, but don't upgrade to Lion for a few months (I like waiting 90 days on new big releases), will I be relearning gestures? Bottom line question is...should I just wait to till I upgrade to Lion to get the Magic Trackpad?

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    The main gesture that changed was scrolling while browsing web pages. If you don't like it you can disable it in system preferences under the trackpad settings.

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  • Relearn? No. You can make Lion behave more or less exactly like Snow Leopard (with one or two differences). Many of the gestures Lion introduces are new, so less a matter of RElearning than of simply learning. That said, I think one or two gestures may have been altered, but I can set your mind at ease by telling you I've been using Lion for only 3 days now and I can't remember the "old" way of doing in Snow Leopard.

    The bottom line is that you could buy one now and any relearning in Lion would be minimal. And I'd even wager you'll wish Snow Leopard had all the cool gestures that Lion does.

    One important difference: the new choice to scroll in the direction of finger movement WILL take relearning. So far it's an option that can't be set "logically" (e.g. I'd like vertical scrolling to NOT be in the finger direction, while horizontal is, but I can't choose each axis independently). I've gotten used to it, but it's worth points out.

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