Are these the same batteries that come in the Magic Mouse?

I've heard those batteries are the only ones that stop the mouse from constantly disconnecting because they're slightly larger than other brands. I don't have my original ones anymore, unfortunately.

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    Well, I took an Apple Magic Mouse back to the Apple Centre because after I replaced the batteries, it kept loosing its connection. The guy at the Apple centre told me that Enegizer batteries are actually minutely larger than many other AA batteries - a matter of a fraction of a millimetre, but it counts. He actually held two batteries up to demonstrate it. This indeed causes other batteries to loose contact which makes the connection drop out. Regardless, he replaced that particular Magic Mouse, as a gesture of good faith, but I have subsequently found that if I use any batteries *other* than Energizer in the new one he gave me, the Bluetooth connection to the mouse keeps dropping out.

    This is something that needs to be documented in my view.

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  • The batteries shipped with the Magic Mouse are the Energiser Advance Alkaline which is at 1.5V. The batteries that is included with the Battery Charger are the Apple Rechargeable Batteries at 1.2V. Despite the .3V of a difference, it should not affect the performance of the mouse to a state where it is noticeable.

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