Can I leave the batteries in the charger until needed without them over charging?

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    Based on the product page, yes, you should be able to:
    "Thanks to an intelligent power management system, the Apple Battery Charger uses less power once your batteries are fully charged, making it one of the most energy-efficient rechargeable battery solutions ever."
    However, for maximum life, you should not leave the batteries plugged in all the time.

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  • The Battery Charger has "smarts" to detect when battery is fully charged. So unlike some other chargers, you can safely leave the charger with loaded batteries plugged in beyond the time to charge. Note: there are other battery chargers out there that do this as well (turn off when charged). The other side of the question is whether one can/should leave the batteries in the charger indefinitely whether plugged in or not. I would NOT recommend doing this. Even if unplugged, the batteries will last longer when not touching the metal in the charger.

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  • Yes, according to Apple, the charger can detect when they are charged (and LED will turn green, and then turn off the LED after 6 hours), then the charger will go into low power consumption mode.

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  • I did this (probably left them in there for a few months), and found a blinking amber light on the charger when I was ready to use them. They are currently working on my TrackPad, but we'll see what happens when I go to charge them next.

    I won't be leaving them in there again.

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