does a normal battery charger work just as well?

i'm going to buy a imac soon and i want to know everything first, because the magic mouse and wireless keyboard are battery powered so i was wondering if the batteries used matter, same with the charger.

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    Contrary to previous answer most chargers on the market stop automatically when complete these days. Also, even if the apple charger uses 1/10th the power on standby, 300mW is so small compared to your normal home power use you are not really doing anything significant for the environment by using the apple charger. As an example, you would need to have 200 normal chargers plugged in on standby to equal one 60watt light bulb or 2000 apple chargers...

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  • Yes and no. A normal battery charger would work as well in terms of charging, but a regular battery charger would not stop charging the batteries when they are fully charged: a regular charger would simply keep charging them past full, creating the possibility of the batteries leaking electricity or exploding. with a regular battery charger, you have to babysit it so you can take out the batteries as soon as they're done charging. The Apple battery charger is different: when the batteries are fully charged, it will stop charging the batteries, this way you don't have babysit the charger to prevent the batteries from leaking electricity or exploding. It's a lot better and it's small enough to fit in your pocket.

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