What is the max current rating on these batteries , one would need to know the 'current' rating to use these in any other device(camera,etc)

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  • The current rating isn't important in this situation. The current rating determines how long the batteries will run the device for. A battery with a higher current rating (i.e 2400mAh) will run a device for longer than a battery rated at 1800mAh. Devices that take AA batteries are designed around the standard voltage of AA batteries (1.5V for non-rechargeable & 1.2V for rechargeable). This is a simplified explanation and I hope it helps.

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  • Hi KK,

    These are ordinary batteries. The rating is AA 1.5 Volts Format E91, 3 AMps.

    Hope this helps,
    You You Xue

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  • No, one does not need to know the current rating to use in any other devices. The AA battery is a standard; any device that accepts AA batteries should accept any AA battery. (There is an exception, though, that some electronics, especially older designs, may not function properly with the lower voltage output of rechargeable batteries, which are 1.2 V vs. the normal 1.5 V of disposables.)

    If you can demonstrate a single owner's manual that warns not to use AA batteries with a current rating over a specific amount, I would be extremely surprised. This simply isn't done because it's not a concern. To be a AA battery, the battery must operate within established AA parameters.

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