Will i be able to charge AAA size batteries on this charger.. its seems like i will have to buy a separate charger for AAA devices in my home!

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    Contrary to the 'best' answer, i purchased two AAA to AA adapters and some Sanyo eneloop NI-MH AAAs and no dice, the orange light flashes meaning that it will not charge them. I triple checked that they were inserted properly and that both the batteries and the adapters work.
    I'd suggest then that you assume it will not charge AAAs even with an adapter.

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  • Using a AAA to AA adapter, you can charge Ni-MH AAA batteries. I was able to get the solid amber (charging) to green light (done) on the charger.

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  • While the device itself only fits AA batteries, you can buy AAA-to-AA size adapters relatively cheaply (my set of four with a carrying case was about $1.50). You place the small AAA NiMH batteries into the larger adapter, and they will fit and will charge—the chemistry of AA and AAA batteries is the same, just in differently sized exteriors. I'm doing this with "dumb" batteries from IKEA; no idea if "smart" batteries like the eneloops will work the same way (I understand the batteries Apple packages with this charger are basically the same as eneloops). Any common brand like Duracell or Energizer (NiMH rechargeables) should work (and eneloops may work as well).

    That being said, this applies to a "smart" charger like Apple has here. There are also "dumb" chargers that can't detect when the battery is full and done charging. In the case of a dumb charger, I wouldn't put AAA batteries into a receptacle for the higher-capacity AA ones. Also, of course, they must be NiMH rechargeables, and no other kind.

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  • Unfortunately AAA batteries are too short to be able to be charged on this battery charger.

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  • Someone already posted "no" but I'm not sure that is true. Most battery chargers I've used allow you to charge a AAA battery in the AA slot, as the AAA is not much shorter than a AA battery. However, since I don't own an Apple battery charger, I cannot confirm this. I just wouldn't rule it out automatically just because it's optimized for AA batteries. C, D, or 9V batteries are almost certainly out of the question, of course.

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  • No. This is a AA sized product.

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  • It doesn't look like it, as it says in the description "Now there’s a better, more environmentally friendly way to power your wireless keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad or just about anything that requires AA batteries.". It does not mention anything about AAA batteries.

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  • After reading the "best answer" posted here, on the Apple Store site, about an adapter for AAA, I went and bought the Apple charger, expecting to find an adapter. There is no adapter included. I'm going to return this. (How is that the "best answer"?)

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