will the smart cover mess up my ipad cause of the magnet

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    No, the iPad uses a LCD display and flash memory, neither of which are negatively affected by magnets.

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  • I always thought it will not effect the display screen but I only read or hear this information around until
    I have actually used a smart case on my Ipad mini 3 and since I have revived the device and all its accessories by mail
    I start using the smart case then after a week or so my ipad started to get some sort of funny bright lights all over the icons
    like a lines or stripes once I open the case ( unlock ) mode and then I started to search about this issue online and discover
    that this magnet thing inside the smart case will certainly mess your display if not in a week it might take longer but it would
    definitely effect the device as it does with numbers of users that posted their issue experience and seeking for help so I
    truly advice to not use any type of cases that have magnet inside keep your device a way from any magnets or water and it will be
    just fine and last longer with no issues , Thanks

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  • The other two answers dont make any sence but no led screens are not affected by magnets because toob tbs put out particles to make the colors and when you hold a magnet to it it attracts those particles so no your iPad will be fine

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  • No because Apple had only put magnets on iPad 2 to hold and auto-align the smart cover. The magnet will not mess up.

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  • Everyone keeps saying the magnets will not mess up, but I have just read a review under the iPad Smart Cover - dark gray where a poster begs to differ. He is not pleased.

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  • No it is just a cover and it wont and if it does then either the ipad is a defect or the smart cover is a defect

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