Will this case pick up smudges and stains over time since its leather?

Does this case pick up oil and dirt and smudges easily? Can it be cleaned or wiped?

My red leather iPad Smart Cover has picked up dirt smudges over time that can't be wiped off. That's ok for an iPad I mostly use at home, but I don't really want to spend $40 on a leather iPhone case that will look gross after a few months. Particularly worried about the lighter colors, as those are the ones I like but I could see them getting dirty fast.

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    Yes it will. I have the blue leather case for my iPhone 6 plus, and after only a couple weeks of use, there are visible stains from the moisture of my hands. It looks like underarm sweat in clothing. I would not buy a leather case again. Disappointed that I spent $50 on this one.

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  • Leather can be cleaned. If the case gets dirty, pick up a quality leather cleaner and clean it.

    Some people have had good success using magic erasers to clean leather, if used gently. Test on a less conspicuous spot before using on the whole thing. Let dry before you decide to use it on the whole case. I have not tried this on an Apple iPhone case, so use at your own risk.

    After cleaning, always let your case dry thoroughly before you put it back on the iPhone and never saturate leather.

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  • Unfortunately, due to the fact that it's leather, it will get dirty over time. Here an apple statement.

    "iPhone 5s Case appearance will change with use. TM and © 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved."

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  • This is why I bought a bunch of cases worth 1.99 Canadian dollars each. No problem if they last 5 months, I have more lol. Besides, I get to change my phone's appearance any time I want for cheaper price. Also, leather cases are generally bad idea. If you want a case just for the cool factor, the iphone's design itself is incredibly cooler than any case you would put on it.

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  • I had an issue with mine getting oil stains from my hands and brought it back and it was promptly switched with no questions asked. I was told we have a year of warranty with Apple's Leather cases.

    I think mine was the exception not the rule and I just got a "bad" or defective one, since I had the old one for two weeks and it started staining immediately - like on day 2. This replacement is four days old and shows no signs of even wanting to stain.

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