Can I use this mic to record using my ipad without needing anything (amp or whatever) else?

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    actually pay no advice to the first answer they have no idea, to use this microphone you will need to buy a microphone pre-amp which has phantom power (48volts) to send to the microphone, as this microphone is a large diaphram condenser microphone which can only record with phantom power and then im sure from the microphone preamp there will be a 1/4 ich out put that can be connected up to an audio interface that works with the ipad, but a microphone pre amp can cost anything from £40 to £1000s, but if you just want a microphone that records straight into a 1/4 inch audio interface that does not require any additional power get an shure SM57 or a Shure SM58 depending on what you are recording, example an SM57 is good for rock vocals guitar percussion, an SM58 is more for live stage vocals as it boosts a little bit more in higher frequencies. but an SM57 is a good all round, its strong and will only cost about £90. hope this helps. Peace

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  • you will need the following, Apple sells this so search the store:
    Apogee_JAM_Guitar_Input, it's made to function with an iPad.
    Couple that with an XLR cable, an XLR to 1/4 adapter (you may need an impedance adapter, not sure???), or a direct box, but that should allow you to record into the iPad.
    You will also be able to record guitar, and any other 1/4 input cabled instrument, using the Apogee.

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