Will this desk mount work with a tempered glass desk?

I have a tempered glass desk and was wondering if this mount would work without having to worry if my dest was going to break?

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    I honestly wouldn't test it. There will be quite a bit of torsion that could twist and break the glass. 20-30 lbs will be pushing at an angle which multiplies the lbs of pressure through a very low fulcrum point. (weight of monitor * inches from clamp = weight applied to glass during torsion) Just think of the arm as a wrench, and the desk as a bolt.

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    This MIGHT, and I stress the word might here, work IF you never moved the display AND the display is fairly light AND you kept the monitor essentially right above the mounting point. Meaning any iMac is out because they are too heavy.

    Most glass-top desks use about the same thickness of glass which is around 1/4" thick [I happen to have a glass-top desk] and even tempered glass at this thickness wouldn't be able to withstand the torsional stress. It might not break instantly but it will break, most likely shattering the entire plane of glass and killing your equipment in the process.

    I worked out the math on this and found there are essentially neither monitors/computers light enough nor glass desks thick enough to handle the stress. There is simply too much weight focused on too small an area and the further from the mounting point you go the greater the force is multiplied. Unless your desk is custom made from armor grade glass [or other transparent material] this would end in disaster.

    I'm not a mathematician by trade or anything but I've studied math and physics for a couple of decades so it was easy to find the right equations with which to run some simulations. Honestly, this isn't a risk you'd want to take. The other answer is also great but I felt compelled to answer as well, simply to reinforce that this is a bad idea at best. Thanks.

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