Can i install these at an event site? I wont be able to connect directly to their router, but wifi is available.

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  • It requires an actual network hardwire connection (with the standard ethernet 10/100 R-45 jack) to connect from the special lighting control hub (that is included with each starter pack) to a wireless router which then allows the control hub(s) onto that specific wireless network and enables communication with it via the same wireless network.

    In theory you could get your own dedicated wireless router which would create your own private wireless network connection through your own wifi router log-on/password process with your wifi enabled devices (iPhone/iPad) and therefore you would then be able to control the lighting control hub system with your device within the range of the wireless router.

    Don't confuse being connected to the internet through the wifi router and being connected via a network through the wifi router. It is the wifi router that creates a wireless device network which allows multiple wireless connections to access the internet through a network hardwire cable connection from your wireless router and internet service provider (whether cable, dsl, or fiberoptic, etc) usually via a modem of some sort. (In some instances, the wireless router may be your internet service provider's modem). A connection to the internet is not required for this Ap and Hardware to work; a connection to a wireless router is required in order for your wireless device to be enabled to connect and communicate to the lighting control hub(s) on the same network.

    So chances are, your existing wireless router that you are using at home or office is plenty sufficient for what you require, although you might want to purchase a separate one so that you don't have to keep reconnecting it once you get back to the home or office.

    Also keep in mind the number of hardwired ethernet 10/100 R45 input jacks the wireless router has if you are planning on utilizing multiple lighting control hubs since each lighting control hub has to connect to the wireless router.