Can I use it without my iPhone?As in what if my phone is out of battery or network,is there a hard plug or switch to turn on the lights the usual way?

  • Asked about:  Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    If you flip the light switch off and on, the lights will reset automatically to a pleasant warm-white color at full intensity.

    You can install the app on your iPhone and iPad, and you can use the web app to control your lights from any available computer. So it would be a pretty serious stretch to be completely unable to control the lights.

    Heck, if you're at home and have a discharged iPhone, time to plug it in and then it will work fine :).

    Finally, if this is a serious problem for you, I strongly recommend a car charger for your iPhone. It's inexpensive and since I got it I have had zero trouble keeping my phone charged.


  • Yes, you can just hit the switch on the lamp.

  • yes you can still use the wall switch. it will switch on the lamp to white light

  • Lights turn on about 3000k with the switch. Switch would be your wall switch or lamp switch, no switch on the hub or network. You can also turn on via web page.

  • If you power cycle the bulb (i.e. turn the wall switch off then back on) the bulb will turn on to its default state (a warm white light). Likewise you can (obviously) turn it off by turning off the wall switch.