Can I use these bulbs in a cold climate? If so, they will make a cool christmas decoration!

  • Asked about:  Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    Yes you can! Keep liquids (water / snow / ice away from the bulbs. They will work quite well in cold temps, UNLIKE CFL bulbs.

  • Bulbs are not for outdoor use according to product literature

  • Yes you can use them in cold climate but not outdoors:)

  • They probably won't be compatible to be used outside, mostly based on temperature tolerance. I would expect to not be able to use these below 20 degrees F or so

  • The temperature operating range should be in the documentation, assuming this is a UL rated product.

    As far as outdoor is concerned this is an A19 lamp (bulb) replacement, the lamp itself is usually not given an indoor or outdoor rating as this is dependent on the light fixture it is installed in. You can probably use this lamp in a light fixture rated for outdoor use, but check the documentation before installing it in an outdoor location.

  • I guess your question refers to the outside usage of the bulbs. Technically spoken It should work but the warranty clearly talks about the inside use. Another thing would be the wifi range. The color stuff only works as long as the bulb is in wifi range.

  • colder is better for LED!

  • They are clearly not ruggedized for outdoor use and I don't think it could be recommended.

    Of course if you have an outdoor shelter in which regular household lights could be placed, it would probably work. I have an outdor tiki hut in which I currently have indoor style fixtures and I expect it to work fine (if the controller is in range).

    I live in South Florida so I can't comment on any cold-related issues, just outdoor :).

    Oh, one more thing. You might be disappointed to know that it has a hard time with greens. I can create a lovely red but green appears washed out even with the deepest possible colors selected. So as a Christmas decoration it might not meet your expectations, alas :(.