Is there an advantage to buying two starter packs for two different kid's rooms instead of one starter pack + 3 individual bulbs?

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    In order to make the HUE simple and goof proof, Philips associated the 3) bulbs in the starter kit PERMANENTLY with the bridge that comes with the kit. So, if you bought 2) starter kits, you would run 2) independent systems - probably not what you prefer.

    You are better off to buy individual bulbs, which you can associate with the bridge from your starter kit, because you will not be able to use the bulbs from a second starter kit with the first starter kit you purchased.

    I am running 12) bulbs (so far). I find it easy to associate a single page of the iPad and iPhone per room. Have each room pictured on a separate page for easy identification. You can easily and quickly find the room with the specific lights you wish to control. Good luck with your lighting!!

  • Don't do that. Each starter pack includes 3 bulbs and a hub. Each hub is intended to be used with up to 50 bulbs (and possibly more than that). If you are thinking of 6 bulbs, get the starter pack and 3 additional bulbs. Additionally, its cheaper this way. It'll save you about $20 and work correctly.

  • Well, you talking simple math here.each individual bulb cost 59,95,. the "Hue bridge" cost roughly $20.00 bucks and according to Apples specs, you can hang 50 bulbs off a singe Hue Unit. So, the big answer would be,$180 roughly for 3 bulbs without the hue router, which will work just fine. you would then be saving yourself a big $20 bugs that can be spent at Starbucks after you change the 3 bulbs(humor). However, if use have a HUGE house, you could aways spring the $20.00 on anther Hue and use it as a range extender. I hope this answered your question without being silly''.


  • I have a single bridge with bulbs in two rooms and occasionally I accidentally turn on the lights in the wrong room. With two separate bridges I imagine that would be much harder to do.

    In the app there is a "Settings" button that shows which bridge you are connected to (presumably if you have two you'd have a choice here, but I can't verify this), and then you select a "scene" which by default turns on all connected light bulbs. You can link only certain lightbulbs to a given scene, but sometimes I find myself trying out new scenes in my room, unaware that I'm also turning on the light and changing the color in my kids room.

    When adjusting the bulb hues individually there is an interface that lets you drag an icon for each bulb around an image to set the color of the bulb to the color of the pixel in the image that you place its icon over. Having lots of bulbs connected to the same bridge might make this color picker a bit hard to navigate as the icons would be crowded and hard to distinguish.

  • If you want to control both rooms through your own iPad or iPhone, you want one kit and expansion bulbs.

    If you want each kid to use their own separate iPad to control the lights in his room, you want two starter kits.

    With two starter kits you will have to run two different copies of the app (which I think requires two different devices) or have two separate web accounts to control each kit.

    Oddly enough, the bulbs cannot be reassigned across kits - you have three for kit one and three for kit two. However, when you buy individual bulbs they can be assigned to whichever kit you want.

    So there is a genuine problem if you have two sets of lights and one has four bulbs and the other has two. The remaining bulb from the two starter kits will be wasted since it's tied to that kit and you will have to buy one additional bulb for room 1.

    If you are single like me, multiroom control with one unit is good. I think with multiple rooms with different people wanting to control each one, and having separate rights for each set of lights, you might want the multiple starter kit solution. But realize it will be very expensive since each user needs his own starter kit and his own device to control the lights in his domain.

    Hope that helps.


  • I have 2 starter kits because I think I could add them to the same bridge, but as far as I know you are not able to do so. Meaning you need to switch bridge to control other bridge (and bulbs). So it is a bit irritating not be able to controll all at the same time. So I would prefer to have additional bulbs on only one bridge instead of having 2 starter kits.

  • I wouldn't think so. One bridge supports up to 50 bulbs. Unless you are using more than 50 bulbs, I see so reason to have more than one bridge.