Will Hue work with old style Airport Express?

  • Asked about:  Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    I have my Hue Ethernet plugged into a Airport Express. I joined the Airport express to my existing wifi which is AT&T Uverse. I have 2 airport express & I AT&T wifi base station hard wired into my phone jack. The other Airport Express is used for my surveillance system for remote viewing. Both work when I'm off my wifi & at Starbucks etc. I've checked my surveillance cameras after I've turned on my Hue Lights.

  • The wireless hub needs a wired ethernet connection to connect to your network. So you'll need a free port on your AE or need to plug in a network switch to add a port. It doesn't tie into your network via Wi-Fi.

  • Since the Airport Express 1st generation only contains 1 ethernet port, it cannot be used as a wireless router to connect the bridge, however, if the Airport Express is setup as a wireless Wifi range extender, it can be used to connect the bridge on a different location than the primary router.

  • I have 2 AE's that are approx 2-3 years old that are networked with an Airport. I have the Hue bridge connected through one of the AE's and it works perfectly.

  • It will work with any router as long as there's a Wifi connection.