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    Watch out, new computers!

    Got Final Cut Pro HD, wanted to add DVD clips in to a project, so I downloaded MPEG Streamclip (via a FCPH video on YouTube's advice), and the program said I didn't have the MPEG-2 Codec installed. Bought this, then was told by the installer that my OS was too new for this particular codec to operate. Can't reinstall an older OS, Final Cut Pro required this immediate update. Running 10.8.4. Very frustrating, but I guess if I'd read the system requirements I'd realize my computer's too new to do what I want...


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    is rubbish

    I bought it and it does not work with my Mac OS X vercion 10.7.3 I lost my money and time

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    Dissapointed. I paid for unusefull Component

    I wanted to edit material that was on DVDs, and tried various methods without success. MPEG Streamclip told me I needed this software, so came to this thread to get the scoop from others.

    It is for a previous versión = does not work for you (Spanish message: No se puede instalar QuickTimeMPEG2 en este disco. Este software ha sido diseñado para usarse con una versión anterior de Mac OS X.)

    I paid $20 USD and the policies don´t allow me ask my money back.

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    Apple going down the hill.

    I purchased the new iMac with 8G Ram i5 in order to speed up my workflow, instead I am slowing down due to limitation to codecs such this! This is insane that they charge for some thing that should have been included in order to use the Computer. iMac crashes quite often than my PC. I have returned to my PC during this time to solve most of my problems were Mac just stops responding and constantly freezing.
    Apple, I dont know how much you are trying to control the world, but you will be loosing your consumers soon.
    So far you are NOT the BEST, and so your newly redesigned Final Cut Pro.

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    using MPEG files on a Mac

    It is totally unexpected and disappointing to have to figure out how to view standard video formats, namely MPEG files on a Mac. I should simply be able to import mpeg videos from my camera without having to worry, or wonder what's the technical stuff about formats, and certainly I should not have to buy anything. Macs are supposed to focus on a simplified user experience and this is too technical for me. Is the file from my Sony Handycam MPEG-2, or 4 or what? Isn't MPEG a video standard, i.e. something compatible between all vendors who follow the standard? How should I know, and why should I care about this? I hope this is going to change. For now I am stuck... Thanks for helping with a free and simple solution...

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    Sony Handicam Vs Mac ?????

    I saw all review, since i use Sony handycam also, i but this software, and down load mpeg stream clip...... STIILL NO SOUND !! ,

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    Don't waste your money

    This did the conversion but the quality is awful and completely unusable. The images are feathered out. Not worth a penny, much less $20 bucks. I am VERY disappointed in Apple at this point since this isn't some crazy download I got off of an internet search.

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    I don't know why this exists

    I'm running Mac OS X and downloaded this thinking that it would somehow playback an MPEG-2 Video, Linear PCM, Timecode file, but all it did was cost $20. The files still won't play and I am going to have to buy a pro video converter to do the job.

    I think you should pull this out of the store, it obviously has no purpose.

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    Wasted $20

    It would be nice if they had a safer more visible warning that the codec doesn't install on OS Lion. Fast $20 flushed down the toilet.

    By the way, I cannot play MPEG-2 multiplexed content ".mpg" files in quicktime, iMovie or Final Cut. HUH??? MPG is like the most common compression method used on the planet!

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    The playback component will not load on my new macbook pro

    I spent hours trying to figure out how to get this to install, it keeps telling me I need a different version of the OS. I have read all the details & it says it should work. "very confused & disappointed"

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    No Sound - $20 Wasted

    No sound during playback. This extension appears to be hit or miss on whether it will work.

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    No Go on Lion

    Software will not install on OS X Lion

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    waste of time

    unbelievable : Apple spend millions boasting that their products are the best for multimedia, yet dont include functionality to play back one of the most popular multimedia formats ever. Even more depressingly gobsmacking that the expensive solution they offer to fix a problem (that shouldnt exist in the first place) doesnt even work...lack of audio support in this 'product' renders it useless for many mpeg2 files. Perhaps Apple believe we should pay for the privilege of them returning us to the age of silent movies?

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    Unacceptable from Apple

    While Apple discloses in the FAQ that there are limitations of this component playing certain audio formats. This is still unacceptable quality from a company that proud itself in being customer focused and quality driven.

    Overall, you can get the product to work. However, you will need TWO products. First, buy this product (mostly, the audio will not play). Second, download the free MPEG Streamclip and use it to play the clips. It should work!

    Apple: Please upgrade the QT MPEG-2 component to play the audio at no cost (similar to VLC).

    One a side note, if you are trying to use Picasa 3.8, and getting an error message or Picasa will simply not index your mpg files. The solution is to install this component (Picasa will then index your files), then use the 'Open With' to play the desired file using MPEG Streamclip.

    Happy viewing! Apple, not what I expected from a company of your stature!

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    Software is marginal at best!

    I purchased this software to review and run MPEG 2 files in my Final Cut Express Editing program and I am finding that the converted files look junky and overly interlaced. My cursor (pointer arrow) also flickers and goes crazy when the MPEG2 file are playing in the browser window. I do not recommend this software and think Apple needs to get on board with the Universal Video format platform instead of nickel and dimeing mac users for additional codec and and converting software to make macs more versatile in the video format world. We already pay enough to own and work on Macs!!!

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    This was such a disappointing program. I am trying to export a movie that is in MP4 format into itunes and when it wouldn't let me I started researching online for answers. It turns out MP4 is not compatible with iTunes, I tried converters, and none of them worked. Finally I resolved to paying 20$ for this program. Don't do it, it wont even install correctly on my computer. WASTE OF MONEY.

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    no sound

    just did not support ac3 sound and mpg sound ;what a disappointment ....

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    Apple has a lot of good products, but I am soooooooooo disappointed with their inability to add this with Quicktime. I have a Sony Handycam and needless to say, I too cannot view my videos without this plug-in for Quicktime. This is a waste of money and there are other programs out there that are free which do this....so disappointing!!!

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    Doesn't Work, No Refund

    I have an iMac on SnowLeopard with all updates. I just want to be able to play mpg files using AC3 audio encoding in QT 10. Video plays fine, all is well in other players like Toast and VLC, but only video plays in QT 10, no audio. I figured I'd give it a shot for 20 bucks but there's no recourse since downloaded software is nonrefundable. It's 2011 Apple; I want all my stuff to play in iPhoto, which uses QT and cannot be configured to use another player, regardless of your opinions of different av encoding mechanisms. If it works in VLC and Toast, QT should support it, period.

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    Money down the drain....

    As many others, should have read reviews beforehand - indeed no sound.... There are free solutions out there that do better - quite frankly, find it a shame that Apple still puts this up for sale... Not what I thought this brand represented - another dream that's gone..!

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