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    Cured my problem

    I wanted to edit material that was on DVDs, and tried various methods without success. MPEG Streamclip told me I needed this software, so came to this thread to get the scoop from others. With all the negative comments I was not sure it was going to work for me, but using the MPEG Streamclip installer it worked like a charm, I am now doing my edits.

    I'm not amused that it cost me $30 ($20 in the US - why so much more in Canada when the $ is at parity?), especially given the price for the WHOLE of Lion, but at least I am able to do what I wanted in the first place.

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    Works with MPEG streamclip

    Trying to run view and import mpg files from my Sony Camcorder on my Mac Mini with Lion installed. As many have said before had no problem viewing this on my windows PC. Decided to move to Mac recently and it is disappointing that we need to shell out this money to play such a widespread format. Based on other comments on this page, installed the MPEG stream clip application first (version 1.9.3b7). Then downloaded the QT component. Interestingly enough, after I downloaded, the component did not install, with Mac saying this was for the wrong version of OS. Don't know why I was allowed to buy and download with the wrong version of OS. But I could install it using the "Utlility MPEG2 Component Lion" that came with MPEG Streamclip. At least some people seem to know what they are doing. Anyway, I am playing my mpg file with the Streamclip player with proper sound.

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    About the MPEG-2 playback component

    I've used this component for several years and found it to work satisfactorily. Although the component will not play back PCM or AC3 audio streams in QT Player, they can be played using a free, third-party player. I would strongly recommend getting a copy of MPEG Streamclip for anyone that works with MPEG data on a Macintosh.

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    Thank you for the reviews!

    I was able to learn that the key is having 'MPEG-2 Playback' ($20.00 from APPLE) plus 'MPEG STREAMCLIP' (FREE, off of APPLE Support site) together as the solution. Working for me fine now. But it does seem ridiculous that the MPEG-2 Playback Component would have NO sound! Very shady Apple! Apple may not be there for us, but thank goodness for this awesome community of users.

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    RE: Don't bother

    I struggled with my sony Handycam but I connected it to my Mac using the fire wire or Sony iLink and had to open up IMovies but it worked fine after that

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    No problem, just hassle.

    With the MPEG-2 playback and the MPEG Streamclip (free) applications, I was able to export the MPEG-2 video files from my Sony HDD camcorder (SR-42) into Quick Time files to be viewed with Quick Time and used in iMovie on my Mac. When converting MPEG-2 files to Quick Time or another format with the MPEG Streamclip application, I recommend batch processing to save time. Without converting video files to Quick Time format with MPEG Streamclip, there is no audio when MPEG-2 files from a camcorder are played on Quick Time, even with the MPEG-2 Playback application. If the MPEG-2 Playback application provided audio playback on MPEG-2 files straight from my video camera, I would have given the product 4 stars, and 5 stars if such a product was included (free) as part of Quick Time 7 in Mac's OS X. It was too much hassle to figure out how to solve this issue and I think it should be taken care of by Apple in the future.

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    Works well with MPEG Streamclip

    I expected use of QT MPEG-2 to be a bit simpler.
    For novices like me who have a Sony HDD recorder and still running OS 10.3:
    Install both MPEG Streamclip (free) and QT MPEG-2 (be sure you've already installed QT Player 6 or 7, also free). Play imported MPG's through Streamclip. Although you play through Streamclip (necessary for audio, AC3), MPEG-2 Playback is necessary for the video. From here, you can convert files to several other formats.

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    Compatibility issues of cameras/digital still/mpeg movieVX

    It has taken me weeks to find the right information to know that I even needed to buy MPEG 2. The technical support of the store where I bought both my iMac and Sony Cybershot DSC-H7 had no answers for me on why I couldn't make my MPEGMovie compatible with iMovie. Finally after a lot searching I found MPEG Streamclip (freeware) that will do the conversions as long as I have the MPEG-2 Playback. I call this poor planning on the part of both Sony and iMac. Sony and other PC compatible cameras seem to think they can push an iMac or Apple user over to a PC. What they don't accept is that Apple computers are the best in the world. It disappoints me that Apple doesn't work with the camera industry,no matter who, to create an interface software specifically for iMacs/Apples that would guarantee a seamless operation with all cameras. Maybe in the future. I love my iMac and I love my Sony. I just don't like having my time wasted.

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    ironically, works well, but not in Quicktime

    I purchased this product to allow me to convert my own homemade DVDs (made from dubbing analog tapes to my DVD/HDD recorder) to other formats (DV, MOV, MPEG-4) for importing and editing into iMovie. For this purpose, the codec enhances the functionality of the freeware MPEG Streamclip. However, within Quicktime itself, audio support is less than desirable, and it took a close reading of some of the fineprint of the product's description for me to realize why I wasn't getting sound even though the video of VOB files play fine. If you want to get this item just to play DVDs in Quicktime, don't bother. The DVD Player that ships with OS X does it a lot better, and I think there are other freeware players too that work fine. But this seems to be an essential investment for anyone wanting to do conversions in something like MPEG Streamclip, and for that reason I think it was worth the money.

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    Works well. Does what it says. In my opinion this should have been included in an upgrade. After a drive failure I have to buy this again? What a disappointment.

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    Best Import ??

    After reading these reviews i can import and watch my video in Quicktime Pro 7, but the sound is missing. So i installed Streamclip 1.8 thinking it was a plug-in for Quicktime... But no, you have to run the footage in the program Streamclip and then save it. (correct me if im wrong) My question is; How and in what format should i save it in, to obtain the highest quality in both sound and picture ??

    The fact that Quicktime Pro isn't able to show, decode, the MPG2 format, is just ridiculous. It can't be that hard to throw in a 600 kb plug-in - C'mon !!!

    Anyway, thanks for all the great reviews, without them i probably would have hung myself, before figuring out how to import and watch all my extremly poor and boring video footage...


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    Should have been easier on a mac!

    Last night I spent hours trying to figure out how I can view and listen to my videos made on my Sony handycam. I finally came to the conclusion that I would need to purchase the codec-2 add-on for quicktime. It kind of sucks spending all this money for a computer and video camera and then having to buy something else.

    So to make a long story short, after you buy this add-on you will have to download Mpeg streamclip in order to hear the audio. Now that I have everything bought and downloaded, it all works fine.

    It would have been nice if mac would have supported the mpeg-2 format without all the trouble. It would also be nice if Sony would cater to other operating systems besides windows. Under no circumstances do I want to have to return to windows, I love my mac.

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    Need more for full functionality

    In reply to the following review: "It works, but shouldn't be necessary."
    Written by DK from Edwards on 17 April 2007:
    The "QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback" is required before you get the "MPEG Streamclip 1.8". I tried downloading Streamclip on it's own but you do need the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback. I haven't had much chance to try all these together and see how my .mpg movies work with iMovie. If it works I would say that it is worthwhile to spend the $30 Canadian. I would also agree with most others that I did not think when I bought my Mac that I would have to pay extra for compatibility.

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    Works fine with mpeg streamclip

    Just bought JVC hard disc recorder (mpeg - 2 format) and realized that i-Macs aren't user freindly with this technology yet. Especially i-movie and quicktime. This update works fine but you need to download streamclip to convert the files first. This allows the quick time update to work fine. It's a messy way of being able to use a hardisc recorder, it's just a pitty the apple manufactures missed the obvious updated technologies regarding video recording and editing.

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    Works for VOBs

    Agree with the posting by RC from Grande Prairie, it's a treasure hunt to figure out what all of the pieces are, but if you have MPEGStreamclip and this MPEG-2 Playback and Quicktime, you can pull in the VOBs that QuickTime (Pro) "can't open." You can view, edit, and convert them.

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    It works fine...

    The MPEG2 QuickTime component works fine but may not meet your expectation. It will in fact decode MPEG2 files but the QuickTime player won't play the audio. Silly, no? You should download the excellent and free "MPEG Streamclip" to make it really work. From there you may play and export your MPEG files to just about anything.

    This playback component isn't free and isn't part of QuickTime because Apple has to pay licensing royalties to someone else for each installation. The actual published royalty to the MPEG LA (Licensing Authority) is $2.50 for decoders but I'll resist the urge to rant about the price Apple charges. Somone has to write this stuff and they have to eat. Otherwise, the QuickTime player should be fixed to demux and play back the audio.

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