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    Solution for Audio issues


    I've used the quicktime MPEG-2 plugin for many years. I see many complaints of people getting videos without the audio working, and I have certainly had several videos which had this problem (including videos that I had purchased). In my case, I found that I could fix this when running Quicktime Player 7 by selecting the "Show Movie Properties" menu item under the "Window" menu. "Show Movie Properties" will show multiple tracks in the movie, and I'd select the one which said "Audio Track" or "Sound Track" or something like that. With that selected, there's then a sub-tab for "Audio Settings". I found that on videos where the audio wasn't working, the Volume in that sub-panel was set to -infinity DB. So, I'd just move the slider to the center (0 db).

    I think most of those videos would also work fine if I played them in an application like VLC, instead of using Apple's quicktime players.

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    Still need iMovie and iPhoto support for MPEG2

    Isn't it nice that Apple has produced the fabulous Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks? Unfortunately, if you like to import your MPEG 2 movies from your Sony handycam into iPhoto, you will be out of luck. Fortunately, I had an older MacBook with Mac OS X 10.5.8 installed (never upgraded) so, I was able to use the MPEG Streamclip app + the QT MPEG-2 playback component to convert my mpeg2 videos to quick time files before importing to iPhoto and iMovie. My son uses iMovie a LOT for school projects. He was glad that I figured out the work around no thanks to Apple or Sony. Apple needs to wake up and realize that in the real world we all have older systems and formats especially with family videos that we would like to view today. Don't make it so hard!! Mpeg-2 is not that old!!! At least it's not Super-8. Oh, I forgot.... the world did not exist before Apple. 4 stars because it did work once I spent hours figuring out how to configure the whole mess.

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    It matters where it goes....

    In OS 10.7.x and OS 10.8.x, you need it to use specific apps like MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5 software. The folks over there have thoughtfully included a script in the latest Beta version. This script parks the Component exactly where it should go, and it seems also to repair/update any dependencies that are necessary. May I suggest that for all of youse who are having problems: download that app version (you don't even have to install it). Then uninstall the Component from its present location, and let the Squared 5 script install it properly.

    I also suggest saving the Component and the above mentioned script somewhere off your HDD, so that if your HDD implodes, you can re-install it without paying for it again.

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    Watch out, new computers!

    Got Final Cut Pro HD, wanted to add DVD clips in to a project, so I downloaded MPEG Streamclip (via a FCPH video on YouTube's advice), and the program said I didn't have the MPEG-2 Codec installed. Bought this, then was told by the installer that my OS was too new for this particular codec to operate. Can't reinstall an older OS, Final Cut Pro required this immediate update. Running 10.8.4. Very frustrating, but I guess if I'd read the system requirements I'd realize my computer's too new to do what I want...


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    another feature taken away

    I've had the mpeg-2 component for years and now iTunes won't play older videos that require the component. QT will play them back, but when trying to use MPEG-streamclip to reformat the video so that it may again play in iTunes, I get the error message that the Mpeg-2 component isn't installed. I learned that it CANNOT be installed with my version of OSX. I now have videos that I cannot play in iTunes or re-code via other software.

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    is rubbish

    I bought it and it does not work with my Mac OS X vercion 10.7.3 I lost my money and time

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    Know your specs before you buy

    The component works fine. It does EXACTLY what the information says it will do and nothing else. I see a lot of complaints about this product. Most of them folks who are not reading the requirements of the component and are unfamiliar with their own computer set up. Be an informed buyer, Apple does not guide your hand for everything.

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    Program works fine

    i love my mac but still Mac computers should have come with this app, i payed good money, kinda dissapointed to know windows had this

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    Dissapointed. I paid for unusefull Component

    I wanted to edit material that was on DVDs, and tried various methods without success. MPEG Streamclip told me I needed this software, so came to this thread to get the scoop from others.

    It is for a previous versión = does not work for you (Spanish message: No se puede instalar QuickTimeMPEG2 en este disco. Este software ha sido diseñado para usarse con una versión anterior de Mac OS X.)

    I paid $20 USD and the policies don´t allow me ask my money back.

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    Apple going down the hill.

    I purchased the new iMac with 8G Ram i5 in order to speed up my workflow, instead I am slowing down due to limitation to codecs such this! This is insane that they charge for some thing that should have been included in order to use the Computer. iMac crashes quite often than my PC. I have returned to my PC during this time to solve most of my problems were Mac just stops responding and constantly freezing.
    Apple, I dont know how much you are trying to control the world, but you will be loosing your consumers soon.
    So far you are NOT the BEST, and so your newly redesigned Final Cut Pro.

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    Cured my problem

    I wanted to edit material that was on DVDs, and tried various methods without success. MPEG Streamclip told me I needed this software, so came to this thread to get the scoop from others. With all the negative comments I was not sure it was going to work for me, but using the MPEG Streamclip installer it worked like a charm, I am now doing my edits.

    I'm not amused that it cost me $30 ($20 in the US - why so much more in Canada when the $ is at parity?), especially given the price for the WHOLE of Lion, but at least I am able to do what I wanted in the first place.

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    using MPEG files on a Mac

    It is totally unexpected and disappointing to have to figure out how to view standard video formats, namely MPEG files on a Mac. I should simply be able to import mpeg videos from my camera without having to worry, or wonder what's the technical stuff about formats, and certainly I should not have to buy anything. Macs are supposed to focus on a simplified user experience and this is too technical for me. Is the file from my Sony Handycam MPEG-2, or 4 or what? Isn't MPEG a video standard, i.e. something compatible between all vendors who follow the standard? How should I know, and why should I care about this? I hope this is going to change. For now I am stuck... Thanks for helping with a free and simple solution...

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    Sony Handicam Vs Mac ?????

    I saw all review, since i use Sony handycam also, i but this software, and down load mpeg stream clip...... STIILL NO SOUND !! ,

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    Don't waste your money

    This did the conversion but the quality is awful and completely unusable. The images are feathered out. Not worth a penny, much less $20 bucks. I am VERY disappointed in Apple at this point since this isn't some crazy download I got off of an internet search.

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    Other reviews are bad

    Other reviewers are poorly informed. The MPEG-2 component is necessary not because of Apple, but because the MPEG group required Apple to license it in years past. Since they had to pay this cost is rolled along to you. MPEG is also not technically designed to be edited so if you're bringing MPEG to into Final Cut you're doing it wrong to begin with. About the Lion comments, the functionality is built into Lion so you no longer need this product, Apple no longer charges you for MPEG functionality, I don't know why people are dinging them for it. If you need to install QuickTime 7 on Lion and need the Component, you can use the installed from Squared5 to install this.

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    I don't know why this exists

    I'm running Mac OS X and downloaded this thinking that it would somehow playback an MPEG-2 Video, Linear PCM, Timecode file, but all it did was cost $20. The files still won't play and I am going to have to buy a pro video converter to do the job.

    I think you should pull this out of the store, it obviously has no purpose.

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    Wasted $20

    It would be nice if they had a safer more visible warning that the codec doesn't install on OS Lion. Fast $20 flushed down the toilet.

    By the way, I cannot play MPEG-2 multiplexed content ".mpg" files in quicktime, iMovie or Final Cut. HUH??? MPG is like the most common compression method used on the planet!

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    The playback component will not load on my new macbook pro

    I spent hours trying to figure out how to get this to install, it keeps telling me I need a different version of the OS. I have read all the details & it says it should work. "very confused & disappointed"

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    Works with MPEG streamclip

    Trying to run view and import mpg files from my Sony Camcorder on my Mac Mini with Lion installed. As many have said before had no problem viewing this on my windows PC. Decided to move to Mac recently and it is disappointing that we need to shell out this money to play such a widespread format. Based on other comments on this page, installed the MPEG stream clip application first (version 1.9.3b7). Then downloaded the QT component. Interestingly enough, after I downloaded, the component did not install, with Mac saying this was for the wrong version of OS. Don't know why I was allowed to buy and download with the wrong version of OS. But I could install it using the "Utlility MPEG2 Component Lion" that came with MPEG Streamclip. At least some people seem to know what they are doing. Anyway, I am playing my mpg file with the Streamclip player with proper sound.

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    So I researched my problem, installed this $20 fix and it worked perfectly. You need to read what it will play closely before you purchase. I wish this was a part of the Apple package, but it is what it is and I'm happy I can now watch my movies.

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