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    Should have been easier on a mac!

    Last night I spent hours trying to figure out how I can view and listen to my videos made on my Sony handycam. I finally came to the conclusion that I would need to purchase the codec-2 add-on for quicktime. It kind of sucks spending all this money for a computer and video camera and then having to buy something else.

    So to make a long story short, after you buy this add-on you will have to download Mpeg streamclip in order to hear the audio. Now that I have everything bought and downloaded, it all works fine.

    It would have been nice if mac would have supported the mpeg-2 format without all the trouble. It would also be nice if Sony would cater to other operating systems besides windows. Under no circumstances do I want to have to return to windows, I love my mac.

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    No Audio

    The video worked great from after buying this codec but then there's no sound, very dissapointing.

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    no audio!

    No sound, when imported the video. So it's useless for me. And quite expensive. I'm Disappointed.

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    The Real Solution

    You need to use a separate program to get the sound to work. After you get the MPEG-2 Playback Component you need to download a program called MPEG Streamclip (available from Apple for free).

    Open your videos in there. Go to File -> Export To Quicktime. Problem solved.

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    Plays MPEG 2, but may not be what you need...

    Product works as designed ... plays back MPEG 2 but that's pretty much it. I purchased the product with the intent of cleaning up some MPEG 2 recordings with my previously purchased QT pro. Unfortunately, as the name indicates 'playback' is all it really does. If you just want MPEG 2 playback download the freeware VLC Player. If you actually need to do some editing of MPEG 2 files buy it and download MPEG Streamclip (also freeware).

    Apple has to charge a fee for the product as they don't own the patent so they are not to blame. If you need to edit MPEG 2 by all means buy it and download the products I mentioned above. Then, write a letter or email to the MPEG group asking why they think a 12 year old codec is worth anything at all let alone $20. They will ignore you since it's free money for outdated technology, but it may make you feel better.

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    Like a charm!

    I just bought a JVC Enverio (GZ-MG330) Hard Disk Drive camcorder and was a little leery, because it was not one of the cameras listed on the Apple website, that was supported by iMovie. The steps I had to go through, to get movies into iMovie were:
    1) Download the FREE MPEG Streamclip software (Google it).
    2) Purchase the $20 MPEG-2 Playback software (which is used by the MPEG Streamclip software).
    3) Plug in the USB cable and turn on the camcorder. The camcorder will show up on your desktop.
    4) Copy all files from your camcorder into another desktop folder. I have a bunch of files with the .MOD and .MOI extension.
    5) "Open Files" in MPEG Streamclip one at a time (just the ones with the .MOD extension. You will have to watch all the files in their entirety.
    6) "Export to Quicktime" all files after watching. This will save your new .MOV file in the same folder.
    7) Drag and Drop the .MOV file into iMovie.
    Worked well, but Apple should make this easier. Maybe put some iPod resources to work in the area of Video.

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    Finaly a solution, but should be easier on Macs.

    I have a new JVC camcorder which creates those lovely .MOD files. I used to use Pinnacle Studio to edit stuff on the PC and it worked fine if I just changed the file name. But for the Mac it wasn't that easy (PC died and I switched to Mac). After downloading at least 5 Mac applications to try and do the conversion, I put out the 20 bucks and also downloaded Streamclip. So much easier for me! Audio worked fine. Video was shot in 16:9 and it kept the format. Most other conversion applications only had 4:3 output. While iMovie is not as good as Studio (IMO) this now at least let's me edit some quick family video and burn to DVD.

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    No problem, just hassle.

    With the MPEG-2 playback and the MPEG Streamclip (free) applications, I was able to export the MPEG-2 video files from my Sony HDD camcorder (SR-42) into Quick Time files to be viewed with Quick Time and used in iMovie on my Mac. When converting MPEG-2 files to Quick Time or another format with the MPEG Streamclip application, I recommend batch processing to save time. Without converting video files to Quick Time format with MPEG Streamclip, there is no audio when MPEG-2 files from a camcorder are played on Quick Time, even with the MPEG-2 Playback application. If the MPEG-2 Playback application provided audio playback on MPEG-2 files straight from my video camera, I would have given the product 4 stars, and 5 stars if such a product was included (free) as part of Quick Time 7 in Mac's OS X. It was too much hassle to figure out how to solve this issue and I think it should be taken care of by Apple in the future.

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    RE: Don't bother

    I struggled with my sony Handycam but I connected it to my Mac using the fire wire or Sony iLink and had to open up IMovies but it worked fine after that

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    is rubbish

    I bought it and it does not work with my Mac OS X vercion 10.7.3 I lost my money and time

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    Very Easy to Use

    I downloaded MPEG Streamclip first and tried to convert and Streamclip pointed me directly to this MPEG-2 Playback Component Site. I bought it, downloaded it, restarted my computer and it worked beautifully. Just need to download and install and the rest takes care of itself. No problems with audio at all. Operating Snow Leopard and using MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3.b2.

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    Know Your Formats!

    I usually don't do this, but the "no audio" reviews are kind of annoying. MPEG-2 files don't contain audio. It doesn't matter what software you use. Whenever you build a movie for a DVD in Compressor or whatever else you may be using, it makes two files, an MPEG-2 file and an AC3 file: MPEG-2 is video and AC3 is audio. When you burn the DVD, it correlates the files together for playback on a DVD player. So, not having audio has nothing to do with this codec. It's just how it is...

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    Program works fine

    i love my mac but still Mac computers should have come with this app, i payed good money, kinda dissapointed to know windows had this

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    No Go on Lion

    Software will not install on OS X Lion

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    I Really Wasted my Money!

    My video camera software produces mpeg-2 video files on my PC. Unfortunately they don't play on quicktime pro and iMovie. I thought that this plugin would fix the problem. Well now they play but with no sound. So unless your into silent movies, forget it and buy a 3rd party package for about the same price and you'll be able to do more. I would give this 0 stars but the site wouldn't let me

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    Don't listen to the negative reviews

    This software works EXACTLY as advertised.

    This software is a VIDEO decoder.

    This has NOTHING to do with audio. When you by this component you are granted the right to use the license required to view MPEG-2 files.

    Many have written that this software is a waste of money. They think this out of pure ignorance.

    Combine this component with MPEG Streamclip (freeware) and you can rip DVDs to your heart's content.

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    Worth the money

    I purchased a Panasonic HDD camcorder, and couldn't watch or edit the .MOD videos. I downloaded the free MPEG Streamclip application from Apple's website but still couldn't work with the footage.

    I went ahead and bought the $20.00 playback component, and it works perfectly. I can edit the video in iMovie, and I have no idea why people are complaining about audio problems. There are plenty of settings and options for people more technology-savvy, but the basic process (.MOD to .MOV) is easy to use even if you're not familiar with computer jargon (like me!)

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    About the MPEG-2 playback component

    I've used this component for several years and found it to work satisfactorily. Although the component will not play back PCM or AC3 audio streams in QT Player, they can be played using a free, third-party player. I would strongly recommend getting a copy of MPEG Streamclip for anyone that works with MPEG data on a Macintosh.

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    To the naysayers, it works fine, just GET STREAMCLIP

    Ignore the 2.5 stars, if you get this and use it with the free Streamclip download, your HDD camcorder will work just fine with your computer. I agree that this is not as easy as it could or should be (and a bit pricey), so it loses a star, but if you have an HDD camcorder and use versions of iMovie earlier than '08, this is for you. You're camcorder isn't useless after all. This solution beats having to get a new computer that can handle the apparently lesser iMovie '08. (FYI, I use a Sony HDR-SR7 with an iBook G4 + iMovieHD.)

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    MPEG-2 Playback

    Not Happy - after install, I can only see not hear the video. Not able to find support to assist. They have my money and I don't have a product that really works. Very bummed.

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