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    Too Much of Too Little

    QuickTime Pro seems to have only one cool feature.
    Playing 4 movies at once on the same screen.
    Outside of that, the best tools for the job are
    programs like AVS4YOU. Sadly they're only
    PC compatible... luckily Macs provide BootCamp.

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    Where are the transition functions for QT Pro?

    I bought QT Pro 7, because I thought this would be an upgrade for my iMovie, which I hate. I hate the iMovie Ken Burns effect because of the lack of control with the very dumb zooming in and out.

    So, now, after digging into my new $30 purchase, I'm wondering why QT offers no ability to provide a transition from frame-to-frame, like a very basic and simple Powerpoint slideshow, or iPhoto? I deleted both iMovie and iPhoto a long time ago, because they are a waste of memory. iMovie has an ok interface, but where are the video editing tools for Apple that allow for multimedia presentations? iMovie was a bug-ridden piece of garbage, which seemed to have different bugs for each version that was released.

    Microsoft has a nice little free movie editor, but because i have a Mac, I can't use that -- I have to go back to MSFT's PPT to get reasonable slide transitions; and of course, that doesn't work either when you save a PPT to video! The obvious solution seems to be to not use photos with video. Why didn't I think of that before I spent $30????

    Apparently I may be able to spend hours and hours adding in extra black frames in-between slides and then playing around with alpha channels and altering opacity, but for $30, I had hoped this would be one of the most basic features offered.... duh. This will also be an issue for video transitions and title fades, ... so maybe there is someone here that has a link to help me out? The on-line guide from Apple for QT did not help. Next time I consider any Apple product, I'll spend a lot more time asking questions and spend time doing a hands on test! I remain somewhat hopeful that there is some useful functionality there for video edits!

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    Fall from Grace

    Was once a great program for professional media, now it's severely outdated and outdone by programs like Handbrake which encode 5x faster. Still has potential, if only Apple would update it to 64 bit...

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    Such an easy thing as rotating and cropping.

    Not really easy, barely possible (the cropping part, but as videos are always landscape, you sort of have too)

    I hope I'll find another use than this one that I bought it for. It does a lot of converting (for which I found free tools before, but I'll have a closer look)

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    So far not impressed

    Quicktime Pro does not give you the option to export .mp3 files. If I would have known this before I purchased the license, I would have opted for a different solution.

    Disappointed Apple Customer

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    If you bought your computer in 2010 Don't buy this Pro upgrade

    Unless you've done your homework and made sure you have QT 7 (NOT 10 or X) installed and working on your computer. In a very un-apple-like cluster I had to search the web to figure out I need to install "optional installs" from my DVD to get QT7 to work. It kind of sucked. Why make QTX if there is no Pro version and why sell a Pro version if it only works with an outdated QT?


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    Just good

    It´s a good product but a "screen recording" capability is missing.
    For screen recording you have to download other recording softwares much better and expensive than then Quicktime 7 Pro.

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    doesnt do anything that imovie cant do.. in terms of cutting/editing. maybe it just does it a bit quicker, but is that worth $30?

    i bought it 10 minutes ago and am already regretting it

    bought it to convert .mov to .mpeg-4, but it doesnt work. am now paying ANOTHER $20 for a different program... that actually works.

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    No sound when you email it!

    I wish I could get my money back. I bought this to send videos of my daughter to friends and relatives, but the video has no sound when it is emailed.

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    Another $29 Later - MIDI Removed

    It used to be that I could go in to a MIDI file and change the instrument settings for each track. Not any more. I paid $29 just to have a capability taken away.

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    Can't apple just make their "official" media player play different video formats!? I always have to chase new plugins and formats codec to install because many many website and video files just don't open on Quick time.. Can't you just make that player work?

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    Too apple-centric-->try this app instead

    Short and sweet, the Apple Mac would be unusable for me if I hadn't stumbled onto some Freeware called Mpeg Streamclip. Highly recommended, saves the day, fixes timecode breaks, reads entire DVD style files, and knits them together. Otherwise, the Mac system suffers from an extraordinary disconnect from the "real world" and all the digital codecs out there.
    That said, the QT engine is useful for putting chapter markers into .mov files, and Handbrake does this for you on the fly. Another save the day application to make up for Apple's inattention to user interface and completeness of Quicktime.
    Sadly, I'm seeing a lot of people who, like me, are disgruntled Q-Time users. I've had many, many problems/frustrations with conversions (speed, portability), file repair, and compatiability for file formats, either not recognizing mpegs that other apps recognized easily, or converting ones they could not recognize. The rate of the coversion is also quite slow (agonizing?), and yet does not seem to give improved quality as a trade-off.
    Much attention needs to be given to this application to bring it up to a truly usable level of quality.

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    why the cash grab?

    if you don't mind spending extra its easy to save vids, use full screen, etc... since quicktime seems to be such an integral part of the mac lineup why don't they just make it do everything for free?

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    Purchased QuickTime Pro so that I could take MPEG/DVD files and cut/paste certain clips into my powerpoint presentations for work. Unfortunately, there are still not showing any such options to cut/paste anything. The files play as if they were still in simple Quicktime (as opposed to Quicktime pro) and there appear to be no tools available to do anything. When I checked the preferences it clearly shows that I am using Quicktime Pro -- but it certainly does not appear that way.

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    No excuses for upgrade keys that fail to work

    Well, I've jumped through all the hoops, purchased TWO copies of the software, talked to three Apple techs, and they still can't get my PRO upgrade keys to work.

    One tech said something about "You must have a bad key" Well what the heck is a bad key? This product should WORK, immediately, no excuses, no time-wasting phone calls.

    How utterly unlike Apple.
    And I still haven't gotten my money back.

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    not worth $30

    the only reason why i bought pro, is because i thought that it would accept all movie files.. but IT DOESN'T!!!! You could probably only watch 70% of the movies that you want to dowload!!! NOT WORTH 30 dollars.. i feel ripped =( ..at least i can put my movies into full screen now..

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    Video Formats

    Quicktime is a fine product. It's easy to use, easy to set up, and most of the time just plain works. Awesome! But, the bad news is... quicktime will not play all the videos out there on the internet. Get your game together guys, i want to be able to watch anything i want, not just a handfull of proprietary formats.

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    I am used to installing software for the Mac, but the installation of Quicktime Pro was confusing and still cannot figure out by looking at my applications folder if I have installed the software. I figure it has been installed because I see the key numbers provided upon purchase confirmation in my Quicktime Player preferences window. But no icon showing Quicktime Pro appears, only Quicktime Player. I would have preferred a more obvious visual clue.

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    Quicktime Pro for iPod?

    I recently purchased the new iPod video and wanted a way to play videos (besides music videos purchased on the iTunes Music Store) on my iPod. I decided to purchase this program in hopes of doing so. I thought for sure since this is Apple, this would be a flawless procedure, but to my surprise, this was not the case. To be able to make a video play on the iPod, you must first convert the file into a seperate file (file>export>Movie to iPod (320x240). It took nearly 30 minutes to convert 1 minute long video into a file that will play on the iPod. Then you can drag and drop that m4v file into the iPod icon in iTunes, and it will now work on the iPod.
    I would have given Quicktime Pro 1 star but I am being merciful because it does have other features (including full-screen video playback, and you can save files from online as quicktime files (a feature the normal Quicktime 6 did for free)

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    Pro upgrade policy needs review

    I agree with the bulk of these reviews and complaints over the forced deactiviation of V.6 and the $30 Pro fee after just paying it on V.6. Dealing with the Apple brand is a pleasant exprience 99% of the time. Why taint your loyal customers' experience not to mention the new former PC users over $30? Hardly seems worth it. Take another look.. please!

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