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    Used by Professional Every Day

    I am a 30 year veteran with chops in the film and media industries. Some of the negative reviews are not relevant to Quicktime Pro. Others simply don't make sense. Every Mac we use in our studio, including the brand new Mac Pros running 10.9.5 run QT7 just fine. Every PC in our studio is running QT PRO7. We are platform agnostic. This is the most useable utility for video playback, quick trimming edits and conversion that we use. All of our approvals and deliverable viewers are QC'd and or Modified with Quicktime Pro. All the codecs you would ever need for professional work are available from Avid to XDcam to uncompressed to Black Magic to Cineform. Yes, occasionally there are gamma issues depending on origination codec etc. Often through a little research you can solve the issue. Often, on the high-end, we deliver formats like DPX sequences. Often for television, the delivery may be a quicktime container. We find it cumbersome, even on our PC workstations, to live without Quicktime Pro 7. Cannot recommend it enough.

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    Solid Encoder

    A few years ago I had a need to make videos from rendered image sequences. At the time my primary platform was linux, but I needed something that would simply and reliably encode video that would playback on multiple platforms. I had issues with the major open source encoder. In contrast, QuickTime 7 Pro just works. When encoding for the web you get an html page that is trivial to adapt and provides for file selection based on the client. Saving is flexible with a variety of options to choose from.

    For simple encoding needs it is a robust solution that just works.

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    Many hidden features

    QuickTime Pro not only is good for simple conversions and editing, but it has an incredible amount of power that I discovered when I got a book for iMovie. The book kept showing how to do very advanced editing techniques using QuickTime so you could put edited clips into iMovie. QuickTime Pro is actually a very advanced editing program. The only issue is the user interface isn't very Mac like.

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    i like its program

    i like its program this program is wonderful

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    very good

    very good.

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    this is awesome

    Every body who says that this is dumb because you can not record screen is wrong this is better for edits and add it to original qt if you want to buy for screen recording get original for free.

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    Great for simple editing tasks

    QT7 Pro will do simple editing without transcoding, so it is lossless and fast. Great for trimming or extracting portions of videos. It also does very flexible transcoding. It isn't a replacement for iMovie nor is it for screen captures.

    Here's hoping Apple either keeps this running forever or brings QuickTime X up to its capabilities (which so far doesn't seem to be happening).

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    I've used QT Pro for years (the same version), and find it extremely useful for video compression. I just had to buy it for work to encode streaming .MOVs & it does the job without a bunch of bells & whistles. It gives you more options than any of the free file conversion applications available.

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    Stunningly Ridiculous!

    Apple needs to include all the Quicktime 7 features BACK into Quicktime 10. How dumb is this? Even the Apple Tech guys I spoke to on the phone don't get why they did this. The Lion version is missing WAY TOO MANY FEATURES. You can actually run both versions in Lion (or still have 7.6.6 to use instead of version 10). What a mess. C'mon Apple. This is not good. Steve would not be happy with this snafu.

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    Still Using Despite Newer Versions

    Due to the limitations and annoying user interface of QuickTime 10, I have continued to use QuickTime 7 (standard and Pro) over the years. Unlike some reviews I've seen on here that state otherwise, QuickTime 7 will continue to work on Snow Leopard and Lion. QuickTime 7 was an optional install included on the Snow Leopard DVD. After installing Lion, simply insert your Snow Leopard DVD and look under Optional Installs to get the option to install QuickTime 7.

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    QuickTime 7 Pro Is Indispensable

    It's rare that a day goes by when I don't use QuickTime 7 Pro for one thing or another. Its editing, save, and export functions are invaluable for the time and trouble they save. It's a Swiss Army Knife kind of app...by which I mean that there are other tools that are better at doing certain things, but none of them are as handy or easy to use.

    And a round of huzzahs for the QT 7 player is in order as well. Its scroll bar (which resizes with the window) allows location control that is impossible with the fixed-size slider in the more recent QuickTime X...and the counter tracks the content timeline more accurately into the bargain.

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    Great App in need of an update

    This is the best desktop app for quickly editing and sharing video and audio. QuickTime pro is an indispensable media for professionals or anyone who loves creating video and animation on the fly. It's ideal for making quick edits without loading your entire movie and photo library in iMovie. I can only hope this gets a proper update once Apple releases Lion.

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    Price is worth it

    The low price is worth it. By buying this upgrade it makes QuickTime actually usable for more than just playback. The ability to save movies and edit them makes this great software better and more usable.

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    Great Product! A most have for pro video editing

    To all the people having issues with Snow Leopard/Quicktime X installing Quicktime 7 Pro:
    To install on SL, you need to download Quicktime 7 Player for SL (under the downloads section). After installing it, run it and go to Quicktime 7 Player > Registration and simply enter your registration information. That's it, your QT7 player in Snow Leopard is now QT7 pro coexisting with Quicktime X.

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    Seven versus Ten

    Ten will record a download that used to require seven pro. Quicktime Seven is not needed for OS X's new "10.6" software.

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    great product

    this is a great product and works just as described, when i upgraded to snow leopard quicktime 7 was not deleted it was still in the apps folder

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    Good choice

    This is a good product to work with.

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    Have It!!!

    Just got a new MacBook Pro and QuickTime 7 Pro is QuickTime X on Snow Leopard. You can do everything that you can do + a borderless window. When ever you take your mouse off the window you see al the video thats in the window. No border surrounding the window. When you put the mouse back on the window the controls and top of the window come back.

    Love Snow Leopard.
    It basically has QT 7 Pro

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    DEFINATLY a must have for a video editing
    i can convert to awsom

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