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    • Written by from Setauket

    This product is useful, it does what it is supposed to. But it just isn't worth it. They make you hash out $350 for the iPod, and then leave out the fact that to add any videos onto it you need to hash out even more money for QT 7 Pro. You would hope that it would at least be an efficient program, but it's just such an excrutiatingly slow process to modify the videos so that they are compatible with the iPod. It's not worth it

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    Not User Friendly

    • Written by from Miami

    Used this one time and now I'm having nothing but problems - crashing. User guide is sparse, to say the least.

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    Very nice - when it works

    • Written by from Marina del Rey

    QT7 is good for creating movies of excellent quality. The problem is that it is less stable than you would expect a product from Apple. I run QT7 on Windows XP. I had a bunch of DV-AVI files I wanted to distribute and H.264 seemed as a perfect compression tool. Well, not using QT, that's for sure. In more than 2/3s of the cases QT pro would crash during the conversion process. I hope Apple is looking into this, this is not a good testament to company known for quality.

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    • Written by from Jacksonville

    Quicktime Pro advertises the ability to record audio and video. Warning, you can only record video on Macintosh computers. This program only allows Windows users to record audio. Don't buy this is you want to record video on a Windows machine. Buy the way, it only records on firewire and will not accept analog inputs.

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    $30 for beta software?

    • Written by from Walsall

    Why don't they tell you until you've paid your $30 that you've bought a public preview product (beta)???

    7.03 crashes frequently, especially when viewing VR material.

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    playing videos on ipod video

    • Written by

    It is outrageous that the iPod video ONLY plays mpeg-4 type files. It looks like Apple wants you to buy Quicktime Pro for 30 bucks so you can use the feature of playing videos on the iPod. Thanks a lot for being upfront about it. Make the "export" feature free. I would be a lot happier if that was possible.

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    No sound

    • Written by from Bayside

    I used QuickTime 7 Pro to convert a mpg file to m4v file for playing in 5th generation iPod. The pictures are fine but there is no sound.

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    Help me??

    • Written by from South Plainfield

    It works, but it takes a pretty long time for a music video- like 30-40 mintues. The video comes out to the iPod ,but the audio doesn't?

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    • Written by from Edgewood

    Got This to convert my videos to my ipod
    But can't get it to work
    I even got the mpeg decoder and the only files i can
    convert are quicktime
    It gets about 16% done and then an error message appears
    and shuts the program down..
    Worse off I accidently Had two orders in my shopping cart and now i am stuck with double of Nothing and 60 dollars less in my pocket
    Tried calling the apple customer service line to see if i could get a refund and they said I was out of luck
    The only props i give to this software is the right click to download streams are nice.....but that is not why i bought this program

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    QT 7 Pro Bugs

    • Written by from Arcadia

    QT Pro has always been a great deal. But QT 7 Pro has bugs that make its usage miserable for me as an animator. With QT 7 Pro, when I first open a clip, I have to hit the space bar TWICE in order to start playing, and I've seen the play not respond sometimes. In addition, the Loop doesn't respond well to the keyboard shortcut if at all, and the only way I can get it to work consistently is to go to the menu and select the View>Loop TWICE before the check appears and the Loop is activated. Also, let's say I have more than one QT window open and they are minimized off the desktop. If I open a new clip in QT, ALL of the windows pop up into the window. QT Pro 7 - extremely annoying bugs.

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    Fine product, but stop forcing full price upgrades

    • Written by from Portland

    You can't use your new ipod if you don't have your new itunes, you can't have your new itunes without your new quicktime, and if you use quicktime pro, you can use your new ipod unless you pay for a new version of quicktime, as if you hadn't already forked over enough hard cash. Make it stop... please, the insanity is driving me firmly away from Apple.

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