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    Too Little, Too Much

    • Written by from OMAHA

    Looking at the other review here I empathize with both those who complain about a lack of upgrade track and those who say how silly that complaint is. I identify with those who talk about the extreme value of the software for $30.00, the developer tools, to podcasting and producer features, etc., and I recognize that it IS a tremendous piece of software for that price for those purposes. At the same time, I don't do any of those things. I just want to be able to view my movies fullscreen and save from the web. For THAT $30.00 is pricey. Perhaps enabling those features in the free version or offering a Plus version or something for say $10.00 with those couple of added features would be a good idea. The only other complaints I have are specifically related to Windows--that menus and tooltips flicker when QuickTime is playing, and that the proprietary Apple interface recreated on Windows destroys the usability and built-in functionality of conventional windows for advanced or differently-abled users, and I'd like to see at least the ability to turn the Apple "skin" off.

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    itunes and quicktime installation problems

    • Written by from Dublin

    Both of these programs were running fine til recently, but then when trying to start itunes, I got an error "version of Quicktime not uptodate", so I had to delete QT and repair/reinstall the whole package (itunesSetup.exe). This installation crashed, and, having then followed all of Apple's help page instructions to the letter, I still cannot run either program now. Error report is generated each time, and one is offered the (hypothetical) option of sending it to Microsoft (but not Apple!). I have searched the WWW for solutions, and have found countless messages from people the world over with the same problem! No-one seems to have a solution, and the Developer cannot be contacted. Get your act together, Apple! Great software (prior to this problem), but why no personal support?

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    Apple: Great deal, but terrible proprietary gouging of its consumers

    • Written by from WAIPAHU

    Hey, for $30 bucks a pop for the editing features, this is a great deal! And no, you don't need to install the default iTunes/Quicktime package as the website would lead you to believe. There is a hyperlink if you read further down the adjacent column (albeit small print) that gives you an option to install QT as a standalone. Jeers, though, to the full price upgrades....boo...hiss.

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    Good but soooooo Slow.

    • Written by from Princeton

    Bought this product so I can convert files onto my iPod. I am converting 50 mb files into h.264 files and the process literally takes 5 to 6 miniutes, each!!! Very very slow, I can't even imagin converting a movie, it must take the entire night. I have 66 episodes to transfer, and I can only do one at a time, how tedious do they have to make this process. Converting works, thats about the best thing about this product, if I did not have an iPod this software is JUNK. I am using the windows operating system by the way, and so far haven't encounted any crashing, but the loading time between iTunes to the iPod is usually very slow, and my computer is top dog too, so I am not sure if its the product, or I have programs running, but still is uncalled for. ONLY BUY THIS IF YOU NEED IT. I could not find any other product that converted to h.264, which happnes to be the smallest encoding size to fit on the iPod, if MPEG 4s were smaller I would have got the converter for free. Good looking movies, but MPEG 4 movies are still better, but bigger.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Quicktime & Pro

    • Written by

    I really like everythingabout this product.

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    Never would work

    • Written by from NORTH HILLS

    After downloading I was unable to view any Quicktime movie trailers. Trouble-shooting got me no positive results. Sent e-mails to Apple Support and recieved no response. This was probably all an oversight and likely that some conflict in my XP based PC was the problem, Still waiting to hear from you Apple, you make great products , that is when you can get them to work?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    good product, bad policy

    • Written by from Mountain View

    Dear Apple: you are acting more and more like Real Networks and MS. Why must I install iTunes before QT will even download (per Tech Support and Apple Store instructions)?

    Personally, I don't like loading s/w I don't use but apparently I have no choice. Please play clean in the future... thx !!

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    No upgrade path

    • Written by from sierra madre

    Looks like I will be forced to pay full price for an upgrade again.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good upgrade.. with a hitch

    • Written by from Overland Park

    The product seems to be good where I have tried it. I am, however, somewhat dissapointed with the update path. As a registered owner of Quicktime pro 6, I expected at least a discount on the purchase of Quicktime Pro 7, but it looks like you have to purchase the whole thing over again...

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