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    QuickTime 7 Pro

    I've just paid £19-99 for QuickTime 7 Pro. After over 1 hour on the phone with technical help, I have been given a refund. Can anyone help me get this software to work. I'm on Windows XP. All the right buttons are enabled but it won't find a movie in any format and play it.
    Not good for my video ipod plans

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    Moving back to linux - wish I could give this 0 stars

    After several hours of ripping my hair out I realized quicktime does not play AVI files and there is no way to remove quicktime 7.0.3. The links on the kbase and discussion group are only valid for 7.0 and 7.0.1, not 7.0.3.

    Apple has done it. Finally beaten Microsoft in the monopoly game; if you have a Mac don't think about importing avis into your films; they just won't work.

    Screw you Jobs and all your paper weights...can't upgrade em, can buy better parts cheaper, and while XP has stability and piracy flaws, linux EATS YOU!!

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    Was pretty disappointed overall

    I am not real impressed with the software, price or customer service. I purchased a diff peice of software after FIGHTING with this one to edit a file that worked much easier. I also had to do a reformat on my pc and had a bit of trouble reinstalling my key to use it, I called Customer Service and the girl got irritated after asking me a question. I asked her to wait a minute so I could retreive that information for her and she hung up on me! I will not buy another peice of software from this compnay ever again! A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I also agree that you should not have to download software you will never use to get to the software you wanted originally. (Download Itunes before you can get the Quicktime)

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    Never worked

    I upgraded on my new Powermac G5 and it still never worked. Despite the key being installed correctly it never took. The key would show up in my preferences...but the Pro upgrade never got upgraded to. Yet only $30....but still....$30 for nothing.

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    QuickTime 7 Pro

    After purchasing Quiktime 7 Pro there is no link provided to download the software. I copied and pasted the link provided on my receipt and that didn't work either. Very confusing.

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    total rip off!

    I paid $30 for qt7 less than 3 months ago. Now you are telling me that my qt7 will expire in 10 days!?! I have to upgrade to a version that comes bundled with itunes (which I have already uninstalled from my computer twice) or I will loose the $30 I spent! This is not an upgrade from 1 version to the next (I already have, and paid for, qt7), and even if it were, why would I loose the software I already purchased if I choose not to DOWNgrade to the newest version? This is the LAST time I ever purchase MAC software! What a total waste.

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    Quicktime & Itunes for the PC Only 1 star right now.

    Well I have the same error message every time. -3. Whatever that means. No help is out there. No fix. Nada. It works fine for my Mac, but I use my PC soooooooooooo much. Now I cannot access my itunes on the PC. I am thinking of just doing the cheap yahoo deal. I need help but where can I get it for a pc? I already checked the help section. Nada. no where to write. Frustrated is an understatement. the Mac store was of no help unfortunately. I want to support mac, but how can I if I cannot find the support I need?

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    XVid to iPod Video? Super Slow

    I had a 2.5-hour home video compilation saved in XVID (video) and IMA-ADPCM (audio) format already in 320x184 resolution and weighed 722 MB. It plays in Quicktime Pro 7.0.3 fine. When I tried to export it to "iPod Video" on an AMD 2600+ PC, it took (drumroll please) 56 hours to complete. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the resulting m4v file plays fine in iTunes 6. Anyone else have this problem? Should I just wait for Nero Recode for an m4v profile? Is there any other m4v-converter out there for PC?

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    I just wanted to buy QuickTime Pro to process videos from my Palm device. Not only can I not download the software from anywhere (despite the fact I paid for it), I can't get JUST QuickTime 7 - I am forced to install iTunes, which I don't want. (I can only find the iTunes link.)

    Coming from a usability-oriented company, this is useless, so far....

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    Choice? WHAT Choice?

    I just downloaded ITunes and in the process of installing it, I was told Itunes + Apple QuickTime would be installed AS I SELECTED.

    I looked back for a selection Menu, but there is none. I didn't "select" anything but to complete the installation of ITunes I HAD TO install QuickTime v7.0 and as the text in the installation window stated: IF I CONTINUE I WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW KEY FOR QUICKTIME!

    So, to use ITunes latest version, you have to pay for a new version of QuickTime. That is not a "choice".

    Kick is: The "Upgrade" option for QuickTime carries the same price as the "Purchase Now" option. Wow.. what a way to treat loyal customers. I'm removing QuickTime and re-installing the old version. If it won't work, both QuickTime and ITunes will be deleted.

    I don't like being forced to buy something in order for something else to work. Keep in mind, one must PAY for full functionality of ITunes, also!

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    I like quicktime. I do not want, need or like ITunes. It is added bloat I do not want on my computer. I will be happy when I can download standalone QuickTime Player.

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    iTunes Overwrites QuickTime

    I upgrade my iTunes software and it overwrites a paid version Quicktime Pro 6?

    Very clever. Bundle the quictime and iTunes together so your PAYING customers get the shaft.

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    QuickTime 7 for winXP DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY

    QuickTime 6.5 for Windows worked with all movies.
    Quicktime 7 comes up with all sorts of bugs and when reported brings you to a site that tells you that there is no solution.

    I deliver work to clients as quicktime movies and now they cannot open them as everyone has upgraded to quicktime 7.

    This should have been debugged before release!!!!!!

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    I'm tired of always getting it without a Kiss!

    I have purchased QuickTime Pro for YEARS just like I use to purchase REAL Time Player, Real Time Play Plus, Real Time Juke Box until I paid, paid and paid through the NOSE just about every year! I, like most of YOUR OTHER CUSTOMERS have had it! As far as I am concerned, I'm staying with a company who appreciates ONE SALE per customer and updates their Windows Media Player for FREE. Get "Microsoft's Windows Media 10" for FREE and get ALL updates FREE too! It does the VERY SAME THING as Apples and Real Times if not more, why I even have Windows Media Player on my PHONE and watch TV shows I didn't have time to watch the night before! You can't do that with Apples OR Real! I'm done forking out my hard earned money every time I turn around! Don't believe me? Poke me with a fork!

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    someone pls put me out of my misery

    if i don't want to lose my quicktime 6 pro functionality,
    i can't upgrade itunes! not that i even want to. itunes
    is the worst performing piece of software that i've ever
    used. but i have to use it because i made the mistake
    of buying an ipod! but now.. if i want to upgrade itunes,
    i have to pay for a new quicktime pro license!
    and if i want to view content in quicktime 7... well,
    i have to pay for a new quicktime pro license!
    can't i keep my quicktime 6 pro!?

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    No updates; no File/Share for emailing video

    I am extremely disappointed and feel like I completely wasted $30--I want my money back!!!
    1) The "update" function NEVER works--I always get an error message.
    2) The ONLY reason I purchased the software was so I could convert my digital videos to an emailable file size/type in order to send videos of our newborn to our relatives who live across country...and I cannot seem to do this. The help files say to go to "File/Share" in order to accomplish this goal. There IS no Share on my file menu, or anywhere else! What is going on?! I feel like Apple just took my money and ran. When I emailed someone about it, they never responded.

    I feel robbed of not only money but precious memories being shared with my dear family.

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    Why do I have to install iTunes when I only want Quick Time ?
    Why does QuickTimes H264 codec not appear in the list of VideoCodecs under Windows ? (I can not use the codec this way in other programs.)
    Why cant QuickTime not open uncompressed AVI Files ?
    If I knew this limitations before I would not have installed it - never.

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    Why would I purchase pro

    I have wasted 5Hours trying to get the FREE sample to WORK (are you people JOCKING)

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    quicktime - itunes

    Dear Apple,

    I liked the Itunes even though I cannot get the paid for songs to enter my creative movo, so I re-record them the hard way to do so. I downloaded itunes 5 and got errors all over the place. I no longer get quicktime or itunes to work. I finally got itunes 5 to work by installing the Gabest's free quicktime alternative program. This made itunes 5 finally work. I like quicktime and itunes, why oh why cannot I down one then the other as independent programs like the good old days.

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    Bloatware At Its Best

    What does iTunes have to do with a video playback tool? Exactly. I dont want iTunes yet I have to install it in order to use QuickTime. Looks like the few sites that utilize the great technology Apple built will slowly dissappear. This doesnt come as a shock given the constant bombardment of upgrade adds your previous products had. Good luck Apple in your quest to become as mediocre as Real Networks and Microsoft -- you're almost there!

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