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    apple sweetness

    I have an ipod 30g and its the cream of technology. The speed of one song to another is instant along with power up. I see the similarites with Quicktime and IPOD. The blue tubes and the personality. I love Quicktime and they were around in 1999. They have always been ahead of their time and my hat is off to them. Too bad I can't work for them. This program works great on a modern computer (XP and latest Mac)

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    Poor Design & Not a Debugged Product

    1. This product has NOT been properly debugged, at least for the Windows environment. For example, windows do not close completely or move properly. Also changing of window size and saving of results is flakey.
    2. The video editing is not intuitive. For example, many editing features are found under the WINDOW drop down menu instead of under the EDIT menu.
    3. It lacks some basic capabilities such as supplying video transitions or more than minimal video effects. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker does a MUCH better job in this regard.
    4. It is incapable of reading Movie Maker files (type "wmv") unless I just haven't been able to find that capability yet.

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    Although somewhat slow in exporting, QuickTime Pro is an amazing application and, for the price, it's incredibly powerful. It does exactly what I thought it would do. I don't understand why others are having problems... hmm...

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    Its awsome! I can finally put home vedios on my iPod with out buying other vedios on iTunes!!

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    Works Just Like it says it does

    I am not sure why so many people wrote bad reviews about this product,, because it works just fine, on Windows XP.

    you have to follow the directions and make sure you are using 7 player (brand new download), and if you follow the directions it works perfectly.

    In less than 45 minutes i had it in loaded and had put 6 clips togather to make a movie of my daughter. I have hours of little clips i can now put them all togather to make complete movies.

    thank you apple, i think this is wonderful

    and to anyone who can't get it to work, i think your machines have a under lying problem you need to address to get this to work the way it is meant to.

    i will recommend this to everyone i know,,

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Total GARBAGE

    I have no idea how many hours I will spend removing this garbage so I can play movies again. $30 bucks thrown away, and now I have to fix the problems they caused and charged me for. Sure hope I get it figured out before I have to deal with it with my customers that make the mistake of buying it. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!! You will regret it, and I am a computer tech, so I DO know what I'm working with. MY BAD!!

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    Nothing but hassle

    If apple is going to pretend that their products work straight out of the box, they might want to take another look at this one. It is slow, doesn't work properly, and wouldn't be worth half of what it costs even if it did. Typical apple: overpriced, underperforming and incompatible.

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    Great App!

    This is an excellent application. In addition to being able to view high definition video full screen, there are many other useful features; audio and video recording, exporting in many different formats, and much more.

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    Wow, for those PC users who have bashed this product, you must be missing something. This is SO easy to use, and the help pages have clean and clear instructions for those of us who don't just get it. I have used multiple (five) different video editing programs, and this is BY FAR THE EASIEST TO USE!!!!! I appreciate the reviews of those who mentioned to download the player 7.1 before you install. I have had no issues and would like to see what else MAC comes up with. Only wish they had media card readers on their notebooks and home units. Got to get back to some EASY editing.....

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    stop dissing windows -_-

    quicktime pro works perfectly fine with me AND i have a windows

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    great for all movies and videos too.

    I love this product and will use it for all my projects.

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    QuickTime Pro 7 - Windows

    Updated my Direct X (Microsoft.com)and it work fine.

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    Don't upgrade!

    Everything worked fine with itunes and Quicktime until I loaded the latest version. I tried removing them and re-installing, made no difference. This was definitely not a good move Apple!

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    It works absolutely perfect on WinXP

    I have the Windows version. I have no problems. I've been using QuickTime Pro since version 5, and have never had a problem. If you are having problems with it on Windows, look for help in the forums. I've seen quite a few complaints about 'buffer underrun'. One of two things is going on: you have too many QuickTime movies playing at once and/or you don't have enough physcial RAM. Windows uses from 300 to 500MB to run. I have 3GB. I've had 9 movies open at once, while transcoding a 10th.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Its Kinda Good and Kinda Bad...

    QuickTime has many cool features that make it stand out but it also has some features that are not good... like Speed! Many people want a fast and accurate converter to convert thier videos very fast and also very good, QuickTime is good in Quality but very very slow sometimes... Apple should make QuickTime for PC users be compatible with Hardware Components to make it fast like ATI or NVIDIA. I think QuickTime is going to be very good, we just have to give apple some time to think of the things that quicktime needs. For People who are not sure if you should buy or not, Check out the other peoples Reviews and see what they have to say or just learn for yourself in the Quicktime website.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Slow, Horrible, Waste of money!

    Having just bought my new iPod, I was all excited about being able to play my pre-existing music videos. The sales told me that QuickTime Pro was needed to convert the format so I did what I was told and spent $40CAD on the program. Little did I know, it took 20 minutes just to convert 20% of a 3 minute-music-video. I ended just going on google to search for a freeware that does the conversion, and IT WORKS MUCH FASTER AND DOES NOT LAG MY COMPUTER!

    Quicktime Pro was certainly not money well spent. For those new iPoders just like me, a word of advice: Do some research first before getting tricked into buying a program that does not work!

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    Pretty unhappy with Windows version

    I thought what I had read from the other Windows reviewers was probably just them... it would work for me. Nope. I get the same buffer over run error when I try to export to MOV. Also, the MPEG-2 plug in appears to be for QT6... QT7 doesn't recognize my MPEG-2 files as valid movie files (even though I have a myriad of applications which do). I'm not very happy with it. Caveat Emptor.

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    Maybe it is not the program

    I have been running QT on my Mac for a long time and it is the only thing I will use for day to day stuff. I use a PC at my office, PC actually stands for piece of ?. GET A REAL COMPUTER, GET A MAC!!!!!!

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    It's pants

    I had Itunes and quicktime working perfectly until I made the mistake of installing the latest update. Now it doesn't work. I have uninstalled, cleaned up the registry, re-installed, unintsalled, rebooted and rebooted. It's rubbish. Well done Apple. Think you need to roll back the update to version 5!

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