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    Nothing but hassle

    If apple is going to pretend that their products work straight out of the box, they might want to take another look at this one. It is slow, doesn't work properly, and wouldn't be worth half of what it costs even if it did. Typical apple: overpriced, underperforming and incompatible.

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    Don't upgrade!

    Everything worked fine with itunes and Quicktime until I loaded the latest version. I tried removing them and re-installing, made no difference. This was definitely not a good move Apple!

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    Slow, Horrible, Waste of money!

    Having just bought my new iPod, I was all excited about being able to play my pre-existing music videos. The sales told me that QuickTime Pro was needed to convert the format so I did what I was told and spent $40CAD on the program. Little did I know, it took 20 minutes just to convert 20% of a 3 minute-music-video. I ended just going on google to search for a freeware that does the conversion, and IT WORKS MUCH FASTER AND DOES NOT LAG MY COMPUTER!

    Quicktime Pro was certainly not money well spent. For those new iPoders just like me, a word of advice: Do some research first before getting tricked into buying a program that does not work!

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    It's pants

    I had Itunes and quicktime working perfectly until I made the mistake of installing the latest update. Now it doesn't work. I have uninstalled, cleaned up the registry, re-installed, unintsalled, rebooted and rebooted. It's rubbish. Well done Apple. Think you need to roll back the update to version 5!

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    Crashed my computer too

    Same as the writer of 'worthless' (may 25 2006), when I tried to convert an AVI file to MOV, my computer crashed significantly. The machine went off, and started beeping. The beeping did not even stop when I removed the power cord - had to wait a little longer. It was terrifying.

    I hope Apple gives me my money back.

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    Every version of QuickTime Pro I have used generates a buffer overrun when I attempt to export. This is an OLD error that I have reported to Apple 1001 times over YEARS. It happens on every computer I own. The current version also won't PLAY any MOVs I create with my Kodak or Nikon digital cameras. It actually blue screens XP. Total crash and burn. JUNK.

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    quick time 7 pro is not great at all

    i had many problems with this and it is not a great as real player or musicmatch or even as good as windows mediaplayer. i was not happy with this purchase, though i love my ipod.

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    I've purchased this tool in order to convert quicktime format .mov to MPEG4.

    The application crashes (every time) during conversion. I feel I've been ripped off. I cannot believe that a company like Apple has the gaul to sell a product that does not work.

    I feel ripped off.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Quicktime 7 & iTunes.

    If you're using Windows 64bit Edition, don't bother downloading this hugely buggy software!!!! I've paid for the Pro key and was already on version 7 of the Quicktime Player, but when installing the latest update, version 7.1, it errored out at the end and didin't install properly...so much that the software can't properly be uninstalled and for me to re-install version 7.0 back in.!!!

    DON'T INSTALL VERSION 7.1 ON WINDOWS 64bit Edition!!!!

    ...and why oh why do they bundled the iTunes software with the Player??!!! For business users, who needs iTunes??!!! Please, please Apple give us just Quicktime on its own!!!!

    Overall rating of Quicktime 7.1 & iTunes:
    RAP with a capital C!!

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    Why does this software not do what is advertised for PC users. I cannot convert uncompressed or PAL AVI without a buffer over run and then the software crashing. I purchased this software for a critical job. Unfortunately the video production folk I'm dealing with are MAC only & need the files to be converted to MOV. I am now totally scuppered. The gap ever widens....

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    Apple, Please debug this software!

    Buffer Overrun , Buffer Overrun , Buffer Overrun

    Be prepared as this is the error you will see when you try to use File > Export in Quicktime 7 Pro. I am waiting for a fix for this software (Windows version) before I ever consider buying anything from Apple ever again.

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    Video iPod Users, Take Note!

    Not Required according to Apple Tech Support! Basic QuickTime SHOULD do the conversion. Neither does.

    Windows users can expect the program to crash when trying to convert .avi and even .mp4 files for transfer to your iPod. The only videos not susceptible to this problem are those purchased from the iTunes Store.

    After spending nearly 2 hours with AppleCare trying to resolve the now infamous "Buffer Overrun" issue with no success, I regret having invested $30 for the upgrade as well as $60 for the (albeit polite, yet completely ineffectual) extension of my Tech Support.

    Apple should correct this incompatibility AND notify every owner of a Video iPod that a complimentary fix has been developed.

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    Export doesn't work

    Like many others, I'm getting "Buffer Overrun" errors everytime I select Export.

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    Buffer overrun

    Quicktime did indeed install after i finally succeeded uninstalling the previous 7 version.

    And now i cannot play a mp4 file without having a Buffer Overrun problem.

    Could Apple please fix this problem.

    A Buffer Overrun in the Visual C++ Runtime Library on an WinXP with SP2 on a version 7 product!
    Is this a joke?

    (One star seems to be a minimum, although a non working product should not get any star)

    I am furious after being set back $29.95 with a non-functional product.

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    QuickTime 7 Pro....Useless

    If you use Windows XP...steer cleer of this!

    In my opinion this software is not ready for commercial release. It is flawed at both the installation, and subsequent operation levels.

    Consistent Buffer Overruns smack of amateur programming. The whole thing feels like an Alpha version...Flakey!

    Do not spend any cash on this...

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    I like some people out there just have to try things for myself and don't take stock on reviews and things like that. Well, in this case I wished I had. I bought this program for the main purpose of getting music videos, shows, etc on to my video ipod....that was easier said than done. The one thing Apple doesn't tell you upfront is that w/ the exception of the videos you but from itunes a large portion of the files out on the web have an audio format that is not supported by this program.

    Quote from Apple's support site: "If the format is "MPEG1 Muxed" or "MPEG2 Muxed," the audio portion of the file may not be retained with QuickTime Pro or iMovie." ....In other words....You will see the video but not hear it. My friend has a MAC and has the same issue. I followed all their directions to properly load the files onto the ipod once it was converted and I had no luck w/ the audio.

    There are plenty of other FREE programs out there that will work.....do yourself a favor and save the $32.00 because as they say in the FAQ's:

    Question 6: If I am not completely satisfied with QuickTime Pro how do I get a refund?

    Answer: Refunds are not available for QuickTime Pro.

    That about sums it up....good luck w/ your decision

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Delayed Write Failure and Buffer Overrun

    On my Windows based BOXX Workstation, Version 7 causes the drive to disappear with the error “Delayed Write Failure” when playing Animation Codec movies. Reboot. On my other Windows system, I get Buffer Overrun errors.

    I’ll be going back to Version 6.5.2 as this was the last version that worked for me. That or I need to buy a Mac… but I really like having two buttons on my mouse.

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    Extremely poor by any standards

    I bought the upgrade to Pro despite reading the poor reviews here. I thought that maybe it was a case of only the dissatisfied or inexperienced customers being willing to write a review. I was wrong. This is simply a poor product, as a player it is slow, crashes or freezes when playing any large file and won’t play some AVI’s even when the codecs are available.

    As an encoder it is quite simply appalling, it is (unbelievably) slow, uninformative, and the UI is poorly laid out. I really don’t expect to wait 3 hours to encode a 4 minute video clip on a twin processor machine with 4GB of memory. It only takes me that long to encode a 50 minute 9Mbps DVD on two pass VBR!

    As for the quality of h.264, to me it’s not noticeably better on a like for like basis than WMV9. But with 3 hours for each encoding I haven’t exactly had much opportunity to test this.

    Finally, and this simply sums it all up, there is an upgrade available, however it’s a 35Mb download (because it includes iTunes!) and I can’t even get it to run!

    I know £19.99 is not a huge amount of money compared to the cost of Premiere Pro or my editing card, BUT in comparison to BSPlayer (free) and some of the free MPEG encoders this is simply money for old rope.

    I strongly suggest Apple looks at these complaints and re-writes the software. If necessary go and buy source from one of the free players.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    In spite of the reviews I read here...

    I paid for the upgrade anyway... opened a simple flash animation in QT7Pro, I made this flash specifically for video, exported from flash as a .mov, then exported from QT7Pro as a movie, in settings I unchecked the 'prep for internet streaming' and left the rest of the settings at default.

    About 16% of the way into the export, I get the dreaded 'Buffer Underrun' error message, this is PRO software?

    Unless they mean this program will professionally let you generate error messages like never before... then it would make sense. As far as simple video creation functionality goes, then it falls quite short.

    My system is a twin Xeon 3.06 Ghz each, 1Gb RAM, Accelerated video card... thats not enough machine to run this program?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    What a waste of money.

    I should have just thrown the money out the window. I have not gotten this program to do ONE thing they advertised. If I wanted to look at a picture of Madonna all day long I could have hit Google.
    Not one video will transfer to ipod and as a matter of fact, I haven't even gotten ONE of my vid files to even play!
    WASTE WASTE! Do not get this.

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