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    This product wont even play my MPEG-4 files and thats the reaon i purchased it! I'm very upset, and I'm going to share it with everyone I can!

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    Quick time Pro

    I have found this product extremely frustrating for its use in the PC plataform. It does not deliver what it promises. Maybe in the Mac is better. I have a iMac but I do not find QuickTime any better though.
    It is unecessary to purchase such an expensive product to get so little for your money.

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    OK, but Comparable Software is Better!

    I have an ARCHOS 504 portable media file player. It's great! I use many different encoding software to make files that can playback on the 504. It supports AVI, DIVX, and MP4 (as well as MPG, MEPG, VOB, H.264 with additional purchased plug-in). I first purchased QuickTime 7 Pro so that I could encode files in a non-proprietary MP4 format. However, for the price you pay, you have very few if any real editing options.
    I now use Nero Digital for encoding movies and TV episodes in MP4 and DivX Author to do the same in DIVX. I tend to use Microsoft Encoder for video files that are usually less than 10 minutes long. I then encode the files in HD format (which takes a long time) but is really worth the wait! It usually keeps original quality even though you're enlarging the image to HD 720p size. Apple has got a lot of catching up to do! It's too reliant on the early explosive success of the iPod, however that's way old news and old technology!

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    Way To Cool

    the easiest program to use and write your music text with... my 13 year old loves to use this and I am comfortable with the simplicity of her ability for its use..... Thanks Quick Time....

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    Quicktime Pro What a rip-off

    I purchased this product because i have videos that need to be rotate,however once you rotate the video,
    it plays soo Bad that certain images dissapear completly from the screen.
    i had to shrunk the video size in order to be able to view the clip.
    also it promised soo much, however once you need to use the other features,( B A M ) you need to buy additional software to use those features.
    so my advice is save your money & next time when recording, do it the right position.
    Sorry QuickTime Pro.

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    Incompetent people complaining on Quicktime

    Quicktime is a great product for showing a lot of various video formats and converting between them. However it is NOT a video editor thus comparing it with Windows Movie Maker is a nonsence. Quicktime does very well what it is supposed to do.
    If it cannot play a video this means YOU have not installed required codecs on your PC. Don't blame QT.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    this is the best set up i ever had.

    i think this is a nice program.but i need to formatt this on a sandisk for my sidekick device.this will take a 2gb.for this setup.but you probly need to go out to the store for them to load this to your device if you have one.i am a business that has a performance arts department.and apple has alot of production equilmentthat i can use and the price is just right for my budget.you can buy this product if its right for you.being a company i depend on the best.thank you apple.

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    Save your money

    Download Windows Movie Maker instead - it's free and has significantly more functionality. I had a full edited movie with sound in minutes. Quicktime 7 Pro deserves zero stars is a huge disappointment and I really regret spending the $29.99. Apple should stick to music.

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    Quick Time Sucks

    no one to contact,no support, pages are always unavailable,contact us buttons are useless, page unavailable Lets start off by informing you that I have been using Windows Media Player for years, and have many playlists both audio, and video. Then I bought 3ipods,2-30GBs,and 1-nano, so I downloaded iTunes, and with it comes QUICK TIME,this is where the problems start, Quick Time took over all media files I can't even access Media Player now everything I try to open come up in Quick Time player from itunes, well this free player just doesn't have the quality,or the features that Windows Media Player has, in fact Quick Time is by far an inferior player that just doesn't suit my needs, I can't even find a way to temporarily disable QT player, so I can use WMP for files I've had for years,so now its this big game of installing then uninstalling. It's like some tyrant dictator has taken away all my choices, and forcing me to use an inferior product. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ??? Do I have to buy QT Pro, I don't think so, am having nothing but grief with the one I already have, as for the ipods well if this problem can not be solved into the garbage they go.
    Thank You

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    The Best

    Its easy, reliable and you can get a lot of new stuff in this program.

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    quick time pro

    strongly advise not to use as for the novice its to hard been two days now and still unable hear video clips but good picture wouldn't rate but had too

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    Does what it says.

    It lets you watch, and do some basic editing of MPEG-4. For that, it's great. For making magical pixie dust, it sucks.

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    Only giving 1 star as I cannot give less

    I am giving this only 1 star as the web page doesn't allow me to leave the star rating unchecked. The product does not compare to Win Movie Maker. QT Pro is not user friendly at all. The instructions are very basic and seemingly straightforward but they may be a bit too basic... leaving lots of questions and loose ends. As the program is not user-friendly, it's pretty much impossible to find out yourself how to work it.
    When following instructions word by word (trying to enter text to multiple frames), I would end up with either a black line across the top of the video, a white line at the bottom of the video or both. No text in sight.

    Spend the money to convert files to a format Win Movie Maker understands... that is what I should have done.

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    Not what I expected...

    The general discription of this product leads you to believe that it is professional software for that lets you do more with your media. It is just that, but it has A LOT of flaws. First, the interface and menus are so confusing that it makes it nearly impossible to get anything done. Also, in there are glitches in the software. In the movie properties menu, in visual settings, the whole transormation option is completely useless. When trying to change the offset or size, nothing happens, unless you click "preserve aspect ratio about 3 times. Then, when you exit the menu, your changes reset about every other time. The export menu is okay, but being able to only use 1 effect per movie is extremely lame. Also, the formats that you can convert to and from are not formats that people us or want to change in any way. The audio recorder gives me errors, so that is also useless. The only good feature is its ability to turn text into chapter marks. This software seems like is was quickly and sloppily ported to windows. Basically, if you own mac this software is great. If you don't own a mac, don't waste your time or money.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is what I need

    The QuickTime 7 Pro can do what i need. Save the MOV files and convert into other format without complicated procedure.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    easy to use

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    QuickTime 7 Pro - import frame rates

    I was very disappointed to see that the frame rate option when importing an image sequence was limited to 29.9 fps.
    What happened to the choice of 15 fps, 10 fps or 8 fps?

    this is the main reason I purchased this upgrade. I hope I'm just missing something and the options are still there???

    very disappointed

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Cool mediaplayer

    This movie player is so far much better than windows mediaplayer

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple got the 30 bucks I got the shaft

    Got the pro upgrade from 7 but cannot tell any differance
    got the windows version

    Been had again

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Big Mistake

    Well, more like a $30 mistake. Despite many poor reviews (and some good ones) I thought I'd give QT Pro a try. Boy, was I wrong. I found out that the two little asterisks next to MPEG-2 I didn't notice that say you need a $20 plug-in for MPEG-2 playback also means "you cannot import these files". Thanks for telling me that. That is the format that my Sony Camcorder puts out. OK, so maybe I'll cough up another $20 for the add-on, but wait! Searching the reviews I find out that only MPEG-2 VIDEO, not the accompanying audio is supported (also buried in the Apple fine print). So, I find a shareware MPG to MOV converter (converted quality was fair, not great), and discover that the QT Pro editing and titling tools stink. The only good that came out of this was my $30 donation to Apple to fight the evil empire of Microsoft. This software is practically useless, and the warnings of its shortcomings are not explicit enough.

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