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    Epson Workforce GT-1500 broken on El Capitan

    Well, the title says it all. Even after updating with the latest drivers from Epson's web site and a few reboots, the scanner is recognized, but the usual basic scanning software doesn't work, the buttons on the scanner that used to open the scan to PDF etc, do nothing...

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    Nice scanner; software doesn't work. Do not buy as Oct 2015

    I just wanted a scanner with a document feeder. This one seemed decent and Apple's listing it implied their approval of this product.

    So I bought it. The scanner is indeed decent. But the software doesn't work. The CD that comes with it (!) installs software that doesn't work on El Capitan. (google "epson el capitan" and you will get right there) you have to download some weird patch that takes about an hour to install (I am re-installing it as I write this and the timeline just changed from 55 minutes to 3 hours and 16 minutes. I am not exaggerating, and I am quoting) And even after I installed the download, the driver didn't work. I uninstalled everything and then just installed the update. That seemed to work and some things scanned successfully. Like I said, not a bad scanner. But then today, a few days later, I came back and the driver wasn't working again. And Epson offers no - and I am mean no - support.

    So don't waste your time, at least not as of October 2015. Apple should not list this product here since it fails so miserably in interacting with their products.

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    Worthless -- does not have duplex scanning

    For $200+, this scanner should have easily duplex scanning. Instead, you have to scan all the odd pages, then flip the pages over and scan all the even pages, and then use ANOTHER app that automatically sorts the pages. So annoying. Returning this.

    If you don't care about duplex scanning, though, it's pretty fast, and relatively easy to use. Just annoyed that it wasn't made more clear how complex the duplex scanning function was.

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    Epson- Still the best

    I love this scanner. I'm using it on my iMac in OS X Mavericks and in my Windows 8.1 virtual machine. It's fast, it's accurate, full featured, and does the type of quality work expected from Epson. The quick buttons work in mac, albeit not as direct as in windows. I can use the one touch scanner buttons to bring up the Epson dialog in mac, and send the documents to pdf, but you have to set up the preferences ahead of time or on the fly. There are new drivers out there for Mavericks, so anybody having issues should grab them.

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    Awful user experience

    This scanner can not be shared on the network when connected to a Mac. It has least reliable paper pickup mechanism than any (HP, Xeros, Ricoh, ...) ADF I have seen in my life. The driver (last version for OSX dated June 2009) is awful and routinely crashes. It locks up with as yellow light on power button at times, and nothing, but pulling the power cord, resets the scanner. In the two years I have it I do not remember being able to scan more than 30 pages in a row without a problem.

    Stay away.

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    Fabulous batch scanner

    I got this scanner for the sheet feed capability. At 150dpi this scanner will fly through stacks of paperwork, and 150 is fine for regular documents. Scanning to PDF is a great feature, the software also gives you the option of appending to the current PDF with another scan set. It will break scans into PDFs of user specified size too. With the sheet feed, you can scan legal size also. The document table works very well too, with scan resolutions way past anything I'll ever need. My only complaint would be that the software though functional, is a bit ugly.

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    Epson GT-1500 not entirely Mac friendly

    The software for the Mac does not include a document management program. It only includes that for Windows. Scanning your documents is one thing. Being able to manage them after that is another.

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