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    I bought this CAC card read before the update was pushed out becasue the Army is forcing soldiers to use the OWA because of funding issues and now it does not work. I would hope the techs at Apple are able to come up with a fix because i Love my Mac Book Pro.

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    This reader will not work on my Mac

    I bought this reader a month ago and have tried to look everywhere online to try to figure out how to install it and I have found nothing. I have the new Yosemite operating system software installed and it is not compatible at all when I plug the reader in. If anyone could help me on this issue that would be greatly appreciated. Mac forums are just not helping me at all. Thanks.

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    Card Reader

    Very disappointing with this card reader, just bought it and there were no installation instructions. I am now looking online to figure out what needs to be installed , would've been simpler if instructions were given.

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    Still not working...

    Idk...I see some people have gotten it to work, and others have not. I have a background in IT, and it is what I do for a living, so I have a very good understanding of hardware, software and drivers. Forget the CAC enabler (I am trying to use PKard now), I cannot even get the reader to read multiple different CACs. I have meticulously went through the steps on MilitaryCAC.com, and it is actually why I picked this reader...there appears to be no compatibility issues. So, I'm using a Macbook Air, 13" (Early 2014) running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I can see the reader in hardware in the system report. The PKard software sees it after it is installed, but the reader absolutely will not see my CAC... However, I tried connecting the reader to a friend's computer running Windows (7 I believe) and it read just fine, LED came on and everything. I am not even getting an LED on my Mac, nothing. So a "bad unit" is ruled out. I've already updated to the latest driver 5.0.35, released in Aug 2015. I've submitted the form on MilitaryCAC.com with all required info to see if they have any suggestions. Anyone have anything here?

    Pretty much the only thing that I haven't tried is upgrading to El Capitan...

    I really like the compact design, and I'm sure I would love the device if I can get it to work, but so far nothing.

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