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    cac reader

    I was a little bit excited to order and get my cac reader for my new MAC Pro. After reading the reviews, I was feeling pretty good, to be able to use my cac reader right out of the box, like some of the reviewers had stated. I even went to the apple store to try and get some insight. I plugged it in, and I get an error message. The apple store reps said I would need to load a windows software for it to work. Nobody knew anything about a cac reader. At this point I'm aa bit frustrated and disappointed. Is there anyone out there you can shed some light on this subject. thank you RGR

    I gave it three stars. I know it will work awesome, once I get things corrected.

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    It used to work

    Since I updated to the to the new OS X (Mavericks), I am not able to log on to any CAC enable Army websites.

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    Worked for a while, but no longer

    I have had this CAC reader for over a year. It worked great out of the box for 10.6 and 10.7, however, 10.8 destroyed that progress. Downloading the enabler from Centrify fixed the issue with 10.8. However, this past week the device just stopped working. I am not sure why, but now if I plug it into any Mac that mac no longer works for any other card reader until you reboot. Just tried this out on a co-worker's laptop and forced a reboot for him. Once rebooted our systems will work with our other CAC readers as long as I don't plug this one back in.

    Also, it is a space hog when expanded. Cute and compact until you want to use it. I had to buy a hub just so I could use it with my laptop. Not worth the cuteness.

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    Difference in the ID card types

    I bought the CAC reader and couldn't get it to work with the Oberthur brand ID card. I went this morning and got a new CAC, the GEMAL TO TOPDL GX4 and it works fine. So, there's obviously a difference in the type of CAC that you receive. I like it now that it works.

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