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    Don't Buy This Product

    I bought this item, went through 5 hrs of trouble shooting with the software company for Activclient, then another 2 hrs with Indentiv. Their tech support admitted it was a faulty reader, but since I purchased it through Apple they don't recognize the 12 month warranty as advertised. Apple only has a limited 14 day, and Identiv said it wasn't their issue, I should have purchased straight from them and then hung up the phone on me!!!! Their customer service even ACKNOWLEDGED that their tech support said it was a defective reader!!!!

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    Yosemite 10.10.4

    I would not recommend this product to those of us with Version 10.10.4. I emailed Thursby about the issue with the reader and they said "Richard,

    We have noticed that the readers provided by Apple, which have a model number of 3500 A, aren't working well with Yosemite. You can confirm this number by opening up the Macs System Information, select USB, and then click on your reader. What's going on is that the Mac's process that is supposed to talk to the reader fails to connect to the reader. If you have an older iOGear reader, then I recommend that you try this reader.

    Just as a FYI, PKard for Mac is reader agnostic. As long as the Mac OS can properly communicate with the reader, then PKard should work."

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    Stop Working Completely

    It worked great for the first month but then it just randomly stopped reading my CAC. Not sure what the problem is but all I know now is that I have to buy a new card reader in order to access my email. I bought it because of its compact size and easy use. But I later found out that for thirty dollars. It was a waste of money. Love the compact size but hate the cheap plastic.

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